SopCast for Android: P2P Streaming on Phones, Tablets

SopCast for Android: P2P Streaming on Phones, Tablets

Popular desktop program that offers free, live streaming channels of sports, news, movies, and more goes mobile.

SopCast, long one of the more popular ways to watch sports, news, movies, and more for free online has finally been released for Android. Now users can stream live P2P channels on the go with their Android phones and tablets.

After you download and sign in, which you can do “as anonymous” by the way, choose a default server, and then browse the “Channel List” to find something you want to watch.

The channels are divided into categories: Sports, News & Education, and Entertainmnet[sic] Channels. When you select a channel it will enter player view, buffer for a little bit, and then play when the buffer level reaches 50.

If you only want to view high quality video streams you can filter channels by signal and bitrate by clicking “”Menu>>Sort By” to sort the channels based on your viewing preferences.

Download SopCast

Main features:

  • Powered by latest SopCast P2P engine, supports all SopCast P2P channel types.
  • As a general player, supports most types of local audio and video files.
  • Supports URL-based live stream.
  • Low CPU usage.
  • Memory buffering, no harm to your storage.
  • Supports android smart phone, pad, set-top-box and other devices with Android 2.2+.

In case you haven’t already chosen an alternate media player for your Android device, SopCast can also be used as a standalone media player to play local media files.