Stream Torrent: Search, Find, and Watch Live Content Online for Free

Stream Torrent: Search, Find, and Watch Live Content Online for Free

Easy-to-use program delivers live online video streams to your desktop, and gives users a built-in search function that allows them to search by keyword(s) or enter addresses shared by popular sites like WiziWig to watch popular live sports games like baseball, basketball, football, rugby, soccer, and more.

I’ve already shown you how to watch NFLNBA and MLB games online  and so it seemed about time that I talked about the program that makes a large part of it possible. Stream Torrent is a small tool for streaming torrents to unlimited users with serverless P2P  technology. Its the program that allows a multitude of users to watch the same video stream without burdening the server host making the content available.

Stream Torrent is especially effective for sports streams because its during live video streams that you tend to see the greatest number of people want to tune in at once to watch.

“The Stream Torrent application was designed to be a small tool for streaming torrents to unlimited users with serverless peer to peer technology,” says the developer.” Stream Torrent will help users share live streams with others using distributed peer to peer technologies.

“You don’t need to get stuck watching only the local games on your television set anymore. Through the Internet you can watch any live sporting event that you want. There are many different ways you can watch live sports online but on your end all you need is a computer and a high speed Internet connection (broadband, DSL, Wi-Fi).”

Now there’s two ways of watching content on Stream Torrent: using predefined addresses to popular content shared by sites like WiziWig or looking for content on your own via the program’s built-in search query box.

For the first – using predefined addresses – it’s as simple as clicking on the link and having Stream Torrent open and load the address automatically.

For the second – finding content on your own – its pretty straightfowrad: enter a keyword or keywords in the built-in search query box to return a list of content to watch.

If you’ll notice in the example below, I searched for “football,” and the results returned were varied. You can see what each stream is by reading the “Description” along with what the “Quality” of the stream is.

When you select a stream and connect keep in mind that it will take a minute or so to “buffer” and fully connect to the stream so be patient.

SO if you’re looking for a free alternative to expensive cable TV packages, or just want to be able to stream live sports programming that might not otherwise be available in your area, Stream Torrent is an important program to have in your toolbox.

The only downside? Its Windows only.

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