Private Internet Access: Low Cost VPN Service at $39.95 p/yr

Private Internet Access allows you to unblock censorship filters while protecting your privacy and identity online. VPNs have long been

CFAA Reform to Criminalize Teenagers for Reading News Online?

It’s an evolution of habits. Instead of opening a newspaper, many are turning to the Internet to find out what

New US Bill Would Create a Hollywood Ambassador to the World

A recently announced bill in the US would create a “Chief Innovation and Intellectual Property Negotiator”, but critics charge that

Stealthy: Chrome Extension to Unblock Blocked Sites

Chrome extension allows you to visit any website currently blocked by work, your ISP, govt or anybody else; access Netflix,

Super Meat Boy Developer Says Focus on Paying Customers

Tommy Refenes, one half of the duo behind indie success story Super Meat Boy, has published an extended tumblr post

Obama: Consumers Should be Able to Unlock their Cell Phones

White House responds to online petition calling for it to reverse Librarian of Congress’ earlier decision to end cell phones’ exemption

Top 5 Free Weather Apps for iOS

A rundown of the five best weather apps available for iPhones, iPads, and other mobile iOS devices. With the wet

SoundCloud Downloader: Download Music from NEW SoundCloud Site

SoundCloud Downloader adds a download link to all music tracks on the new SoundCloud website interface. Its been a few

Mega Overtakes Rapidshare, DropBox

Kim Dotcom’s Mega is continuing to stampede its way through its fellow file locker websites, contemptuously knocking them aside despite Becomes Biggest New Zealand Site, Impacts Drop Box

In just three days, Kim Dotcom’s newly launched Mega file locker website has become the biggest in the whole of

New Mega File-Sharing Site Launches with User Controlled Encryption

Kim Dotcom unveils upgraded version of defunct MegaUpload file-sharing site where only “you control the encryption, you hold the keys, and

Paypal Holds User’s Funds to Earn off Their Interest

New information has been brought forward that seems to suggest that online payment provider Paypal, has for a long time

Facebook Messenger Turns Into a Phone, Adds Phone and Voice Messaging

App now allows users to record and send messages to family and friends; phone calls currently limited to Canadian users

BeamItOver: Unlimited File-Sharing with Your Facebook Friends

Desktop Facebook app allows users to share unlimited-sized files directly with with friends and family. Despite increasing amounts of photos, videos, music,

Chrome Extension for Saving Web Content Direct to Google Drive

New Chrome extension allows users to save images, documents, audio, video, and more directly from the web to their Google

Richard O’Dwyer Escapes US Extradition

Richard O’Dwyer, the man behind streaming website TVShack has managed to avoid extradition to the US by signing a “deferred

What is Hotspot Shield? Free VPN for Protecting Web Traffic

Anchor Free’s free Hotspot Shield VPN service allows you to visit blocked websites, protects your web traffic from hackers and

Mega File-Share Created by Megaupload Founder

Megaupload founder creates new file-share service called Mega that will allow users to upload encrypted files to the cloud storage

Twitter Cracks Down on Neo Nazi Comments

Twitter has begun using a new system of censorship on its platform, not by blocking messages from being posted or deleting them

Windows 8 won’t offer adult games

Windows 8 app developer guidelines forbid any content that falls under a “Mature” or PEGI 18 rating. Microsoft has revealed