Computer Crime Bill Clears Hurdle

A bill designed to stiffen the penalties for computer crime could help law enforcement crack down on industrial espionage and

Zeropaid Interview: Ian Clarke

Hey I had some time to check up with founder of Freenet and Uprizer, Ian Clarke. Read how Ian is

Zeropaid Interview: Limewire Team

Not bad…an interview a day, I have more coming hopefully ZP: Is LimeWire going in a more corporate direction, like

Zeropaid Interview: John Marshall, creator/programmer of Gnucleus

You Guys asked for John Marshall, and you guys got John Marshall. Enjoy! ZP: Has Morpheus Preview Edition lived up

Zeropaid Interview: Pablo from Blubster

So far two interviews in one week! Hopefully this will continue! ZP:In what direction do you think File Sharing is

Travis Hill Interview

Zeropaid: Can you explain the application that you’ll be releasing in the next couple of days? Are they useful to

Gene Kan: Old School Gnutella

Zeropaid: We know gnutella is awesome for pirating MP3s, movies and other file types, but is there a real future

Mathew Caughron of Newtella

Zeropaid: First off, what makes Newtella worth downloading? Newtella: Newtella puts you directly in touch with your friends on the

Ian Clarke Interviewed

Zeropaid: So Media Enforcer says there is a hole in Freenet’s much-touted anonymity features. I thought Freenet was open-source, meaning

Mediaenforcer: A Possible Roadblock

Zeropaid: Why did you make Media Enforcer? Media: I started the Media Enforcer project to try and curtail piracy. The

Morpheus is not the probem; KaZaA is the problem

The frustration of many of us who use Morpheus when, beginning Monday night, increasing numbers were unable to log in,

Paying For What?

The best place to start is the beginning of online music. Soon after porno files first crept online, music soon

Looking To See If we Are Doomed To Repeat Ourselves

In the early American Republic, there were two distinct visions of how best to govern the country. On one hand

Napster and the Middleman

It’s been an odd few months. It seems like one headline after another since the latest round of court decisions