Selling ‘Nemo’ Online, Trying to Repel Pirates

“Finding Nemo” is one film offered as a selection to download on the Internet. By SAUL HANSELL RealNetworks and the

AirPort, AirTunes team for home music streaming

Apple Computer unveiled on Monday a $129 device that acts as both a portable wireless base station and a way

Illegal downloaders look beyond music to books

Using many rationales, pirates proliferate by Sandeep Junnarkar Early in his undergraduate years at Indiana University, Joseph Ruesewald said, he

Sony’s new online music store falls far from Apple’s iTunes

by Stephen Williams That streak of feisty competitiveness that drives some businesses to great heights in the consumer electronics industry

Labels to dampen CD burning?

By John Borland, Staff Writer, CNET The recording industry is testing technology that would prevent consumers from making copies

Encrypted File Sharing: P2P Fights Back

By Jack Germain Is it possible to end the investigations and prosecutions that the RIAA, the music download police and

Single Mother Overwhelmed by the RIAA Suit

Single mom overwhelmed by recording industry suit BY LESLIE BROOKS SUZUKAMOPioneer Press Tammy Lafky has a computer at home but

Arrest of Winny Author ‘Overkill’

“If all the person did was write software that was generally useful, then it’s mindboggling that they would hold the

Congress Considers DMCA, Consumer Copying

The basic issue before the lawmakers this week was whether the DMCA infringes upon fair-use allowances for copying copyrighted materials

Smiles fade at Napster

MUSIC SERVICE IS LOSING MONEY AND EXECUTIVES It was a breakthrough deal that would have put the Napster kitty on

The MPAA seems to be as stupid as the RIAA

While the recording industry has recently been prosecuting music file sharers, the Motion Picture Association of America has begun to

Regulators Seek Pre-Emptive Strike Against Digital TV Piracy

Regulators Seek Pre-Emptive Strike Against Digital TV Piracy Friday, October 24, 2003 WASHINGTON  — Federal regulators are looking at making a

Solid features boost iTunes for PCs

Oct. 22 — Apple Computer Inc.’s iTunes music software rips and burns songs. It’s links you to a legal music

RIAA boycott website list hits 122

The number of Web sites signed up for the Stop RIAA Lawsuits Coalition has now reached 122 and is still

52 of 261 song downloading suits are settled

September 29, 2003 By Ted Bridis The recording industry on Monday announced settlements with 52 of the 261 Internet users

Recording industry withdraws suit

Recording industry withdraws suit Mistaken identity raises questions on legal strategy By Chris Gaither, Globe Staff, 9/24/2003 The recording industry

Crackdown May Send Music Traders Into Software Underground

Some people may well be intimidated by the 261 lawsuits that the music industry has filed against Internet users it

CNET Discovers ES5, But Is It What It Says It Is?

Deep in the tense Jenin refugee camp in the Palestinian West Bank, a new file-swapping service is daring record labels

Hollywood: One big target!

Funny how it goes for Hollystupid and how the cyberspace revolution is giving them a good boot in the butt.

Interview: Jason of Swapper

Nothingface5384: What’s inspired you to develop Swapper? Jason: After I left my former company in April 2001 for a well