UK Music Industry Now Blames Non-P2P Download Methods

Consumer survey proves proposed “three-strikes” legislation will have little effect on levels of illegal file-sharing. The British Phonographic Industry (BPI)

WTF? No Doubt Offers Free Discography Download with Concert Ticket

Spend $15 to become a member of No Doubt’s Tour Club, and then you get to download the band’s ENTIRE

Metallica Now Embraces File-Sharing?

New interview says that they’ve been “observing Radiohead and Trent Reznor,” and that for its next album fans can expect

Q&A With Grooveshark, Where ‘Everybody Gets Paid’ For Sharing Music

The only online digital music store that actually rewards you for sharing your music with others answers all of the

XM and SIRIUS to Offer A La Carte Programming

New receivers will allow you to choose channels from either one of them, with 50 channels costing $7, and 100

How To Get Free Ringtones

Tired of paying for ringtones? Well here are the best 5 ways to get free ringtones for your cell phone

Christmas iPod and music gift card sales overwhelms iTunes

Apple’s iTunes music store was overwhelmed this holiday season by people who received new iPods or iTunes gift cards. Amid

German Music Industry to target 1000 P2P users a month in 2007

The German music industry plans to answer its decreasing CD sales revenues by increasing the number of German file-sharers it

Grammy’s new “Muisc Survival Guide”

Finally realizing that somebody must come up with a more comprehensive plan to combat P2P and file-sharing concerns than merely

Getting to Know Your Audio Files

If you ever wondered what the heck a FLAC or an OGG file is, this guide will tell you everything

For the love of music

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