Pink Floyd Band Manager: Attempts to Stop People From Copying a “Waste of Time”

There’s been no shortage of opinions on the issue of downloading music. From average citizens to activists to labels to

New Band Signs on to Major Record Label – Where Does All the Money Go?

If you’ve been around the copyright debate for a while, chances are, you’ve heard the labels in the debate argue

Fans Bypass Prince, Distribute New 20Ten Album Online

Prince shunned digital retailers like Apple’s iTunes for not “paying him in advance” and opted instead to distribute free copies

Record Labels Sue Porn Sites for Copyright Infringement

Claim RK Netmedia and RealityKings have been illegally using copyrighted material for the background music of a number of pornographic

Canadian Composer: “Pirates Killing Musicians, Popcorn Vendors”

Loreena McKennitt says the creative community isn’t creative enough to figure out how to distribute music online without risking failure

Prince: “The Internet’s Completely Over”

Shuns online distribution of upcoming “20Ten album” amid complaints that Apple’s iTunes won’t pay him an advance for it. Says

RIAA Tries to Get Public to Lobby Congress for “3-Strikes”

Creates “Music Rights Now” campaign to encourage the public to lobby their elected officials for stronger protections of Intellectual Property

Free Music Downloads on Google’s Android Phones

Illegal file-sharing spreads from computers to Google’s Android OS-based smartphones, making the music industry’s anti-piracy efforts that much harder. It

New MGMT Album Leaks to BitTorrent

Forthcoming second album “Congratulations” appears on BitTorrent tracker sites everywhere well ahead of its official April 13th release date, and

RIAA: Google’s China Hack Ought to Make it Help Fight Piracy

RIAA CEO Mitch Bainwol makes the extraordinary leap in thought by comparing hacker attempts to steal source code and spy

STUDY: Number of Music Buyers Down 21% Since 2007

NPD Group claims 24 million fewer people bought music in 2009, and that more troublingly, despite a decrease in the

Spanish Hair Salons Turn Off Radios in Protest

Angry royalty groups demand monthly fee for listening to music with customers, tell customers to bring iPods instead. Hairdressers in

Gorillaz Manager: “P2P Not Taste-Testing, it’s Giving the Whole Meal”

Criticizes Pharrell Williams’ stance on illegal file-sharing, and insists that it can be stopped if only we would “take the

Pharrell Williams: Illegal Downloading is “Just Taste-Testing”

Tells audience at MIDEM, the world’s largest music industry trade fair, that technology has increased consumer options and choices and

Music Industry Plans “Other Ways” to Punish OiNK Admin

Angry over not guilty verdict that sent Alan Ellis free, and even let him keep the ₤200,000 pounds ($320,000 USD)

IFPI: No Increased Music Choices Until Piracy Addressed

Says consumers wont get music “when, how, or where they want it until we address piracy” in its annual Digital

Music Blogs “Need to be Regulated to Stop Piracy”

Association of Independent Music (AIM) head also wants ISPs to be pressured into helping fight illegal file-sharing. Alison Wenham, chairman

FreeAllMusic Looks Worth the Hype

A sneak peek at the latest ad-supported music downlaoding website in the war against illegal P2P. I first mentioned FreeAllMusic,

OiNK Admin Found Not Guilty!

Takes only 90 minutes for a UK jury in a unanimous decision to negate more than 4 years worth of

Bono: China Content Filtering Success Proves P2P Fight Winnable

Says fight against child porn and success by Chinese govt in content tracking prove fight against illegal file-sharing is winnable,