Elpis: Desktop Client for Browser-Free Pandora Listening

Lightweight program frees Pandora from your browser so that you can listen to Pandora streaming radio from your desktop with

Music2pc: Find, Download Millions of Songs Online for Free – Even at Work!

Free program with no ads, spyware, or malware of any kind allows users to search among more than 100 million

Splash.FM : The Social Network for Discovering New Music

New site uses the power of social networking to help discover and share good music with family, friends and others.

Google Music: New Music Service is Like iTunes Meets Facebook

Now you can download and stream music on the go while also sharing purchased music with family and friends via

New AntiSec Dump Exposes Viacom and Universal Music on BitTorrent

Just a little while ago, Anonymous, as part of the AntiSec movement, exposed content from several government servers. Now, a

Prince Compares Piracy to “Carjacking”

Blames piracy for his decision to never make another album again. Adds that he “can’t stand digital music.” Prince is

Play by Yahoo! Music Android App Plays, Identifies Music

Play by Yahoo! Music combines song identification with music library management in a blazing fast Android app package. Play by

Beastie Boys’ “Hot Sauce Committee Part 2” Leaks to BitTorrent

Eight studio album leaks to BitTorrent tracker sites everywhere well ahead of its official May 3rd release date. The Beastie

The End of Music Piracy? O RLY?

A provocative headline can generate a lot of readers and a lively debate, but it can also do a poor

Editorial: How Does One Define an ‘Artist’ and How Does it Fit in the Copyright Debate?

An editorial by Drew Wilson contemplating what an artist even is in the context of the copyright debate and in

Gene Simmons Angry Music Industry “Didn’t Have Balls” to Sue-Em-All

Kiss frontman says that artists need to protect their brand and be litigious as possible, paving the way for him

US Appeals Court: Digital Downloads “Not Public Performance”

American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) had tried to argue that a digital downloads “transmit or otherwise communicate

CRIA, Why Canada Can’t Have Nice Things Like Pandora

If you ever wanted the real story on why innovative music services cannot exist in Canada, you couldn’t ask for

New Kings of Leon Album Leaks to BitTorrent

Copies of “Come Around Sundown” appear on BitTorrent tracker sites everywhere well ahead of its official October 15th release date.

In Response to Graham Henderson of CRIA

Graham of the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) recently went to Washington to speak about Canadian copyright laws. He had

STUDY: Musicians Income Up 66% Despite Decreased Album Sales!

Since artists receive on average only 15% of album sales revenues, whereas they receive on average 50% from concerts and

John Mellencamp: “Internet Most Dangerous Thing Since Atomic Bomb”

Aging rocker complains that it’s “destroyed the music business” and that it’s “going to destroy the movie business” someday. Also

RIAA: Copyright Holders Make it Difficult to Replicate OiNK, What.CD

RIAA pres Cary Sherman says the failed sue-em-all campaign was really a success because it was “constantly generating dinner conversations

Metal Band Blasts U2 Band Manager’s Criticism of P2P

Gama Bomb frontman Philly Byrne is “stunned” that Paul McGuinness believes implementing a “three-strikes” regime to punish illegal file-sharer is

Artist Uses BitTorrent to Distribute Album to the Masses

PAZ decided to bypass traditional digital music retailers like Apple’s iTunes or Amazon in favor of a distribution platform that