What Filesharing Studies Really Say – Part 3 – RIAA Suppresses Innovation

We’re continuing our investigative news series on what file-sharing studies really say. Today, we continue this series with a study

What Filesharing Studies Really Say – Part 2 – P2P Has No Effect on Music Sales

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UK High Court Orders ISPs to Block The Pirate Bay

A recent court ruling in the UK could have wide-ranging consequences across the Internet – especially for those living in

10 Alternatives to LimeWire

Now that LimeWire is gone for good, we take a look at the top 10 alternative file sharing programs. With U.S.

Pirate Bay Blocked in the UK by June?

Swedish BitTorrent tracker site could be blocked in the UK by this summer. The British High Court has passed a

10 Alternatives to BTJunkie

A compilation of 10 alternative top torrent sites and search engines to use now that BtJunkie has decided to voluntarily

Tribler: BitTorrent Client that Doesn’t Need Tracker Sites, Can’t Be Shut Down

Tribler is, as the developers claim, “designed to keep BitTorrent alive, even when all torrent search engines, indexes and trackers

How to Download Using utorrent

Easy step-by-step guide that will help you start downloading movies, music, TV shows, and more in no time at all

uTorrent Tiny Client: Chrome Extension to Remotely Control Your Downloads

Google Chrome extension adds the uTorrent Web UI to your browser, giving you virtually complete control of your downloads on

Share: BitTorrent App Simplifies Personal File-Sharing

Standalone personal media sharing app makes it easy to share movies, pictures, music and other content with family and friends.

uTorrent Plus Leaves Beta – Features Antivirus, Remote Transfer, and More

New subscription-only version of the popular BitTorrent client opens to the public; for $24.99 per year subscribers get additional features like

uTorrent, BitTorrent Mainline for Mac Get Stable Versions

Mac users finally get to enjoy the some of the same functions and features that their PC counterparts have for

Porn Industry Sues the Blind

He’s one of thousands in the lawsuit campaign against file-sharers, but he seems to be an unlikely candidate. He’s legally

Anonymous Dumps Nearly 5GB of Brazilian Government Data to ThePirateBay

The quantity is large, but that might be what you would expect for a data dump with such large claims.

School Teacher Could Take HADOPI to Court Over False Accusations

He is a 54 year old school teacher. He is also one of the first number of people to receive

AFACT Accused of Extorting ISPs to Import Three Strikes Law to Australia

Some interesting things coming out of Australia this week. It seems that AFACT (Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft) is attempting

Anonymous Dumps Military Contractor Booz Allen to ThePirateBay, 90,000 e-Mails Compromised

Previously, Anonymous leaked numerous Turkish government websites to ThePirateBay. Now, the collective has taken to hacking and dumping content of

Anonymous Dumps Content of IRC Federal to ThePirateBay

Previously, Anonymous posted several Turkish government websites to ThePirateBay. Now, they are posting content of FBI contractor IRC Federal to

LulzStorm Posts 18 Italian University Databases to Monova

The AntiSec movement appears to have taken root in Italy. A hacker by the name of LulzStorm has posted the

F1Esc Dumps NATO, Passport Visa’s and Spanish MOD Documents to ThePirateBay

In an additional release labelled “Miscellaneous Part 2”, F1Esc has dumped content from NATO among other things to BitTorrent file-sharing