IconForge is simply the best, most complete suite to create or change icons, cursors, animated cursors and icon libraries for Windows. Optimized for editing small images, you will find a full set of painting tools at your disposal. You can import from and export to a variety of other image, icon and animation types, so you can take advantage of work which you've already created or scanned from other sources.

IconForge is also an excellent tool for other graphics, such as producing bookmark/favorites icons for a web site, repeating tiles for wallpaper backgrounds, animated GIF bullets to make listings stand out, or cursors for various projects. You also get tools for changing Windows' default icon, cursor and desktop settings, plus a utility for handling those documents or other files which do not have unique icons. IconForge even makes a fine editor for handling your photos and other non-icon images. XP-style Alpha-channel icons, as well as a variety of other icon and image formats, are supported.

Here is a list of the featured tools in the IconForge program:

  • Brushes – click twice on the tool to choose natural media such as chalk, watercolor, oil (or create your own custom brushes with the Brush options). Options to control the transparency of the brush, allow each stroke to fade out, etc. You can also paint using material from another icon or image, or paint with Clip-art Brushes;
  • Color Extractor Tools – extract painting color, set transparent color or set Cursor Hot Spot;
  • Rectangles Tools – Normal, 3D, Fuzzy, Rounded, Bordered or Gradient options;
  • Ellipse/Polygon Tools – Circle, Fuzzy Circle, Polygon, Bordered Polygon, Star;
  • Line Tools – Straight Line, Curve, Arrow and Gradient;
  • Fill Tools – Flood, Fill to Border or Color Replacement (all with color similarity, intensity and other options);
  • Scissors/Selection Tools – (Normal rectangle, Circle/elliptical, Select freeform Region and Select by Filling modes;
  • Clone Tool – Paint using material from another part of the image, or from any other open image;
  • 3D Tools – Add 3D shapes and text;
  • Text – use any installed Windows font;
  • Erasers – Normal and Color-to-Color Replacement, and Color Channel Eraser;
  • Retouch Tools – Scatter, Splatter (random spray), Darken, Lighten, Smudge and Sharpen;
  • Paint with Filter Tools – Ripple, Add Noise, Oil Paint, Gray, Tint and Emboss options;
  • Clip Art Library – Paint with a single or series of images;
  • Distortion Brushes – Putty, FishEye lens, Deform, Swirl and Bulge options;
  • Multi-level Zoom – enlarge the image to edit fine details. A quick jump icon toggles between actual size view and last magnification level. The Preview window can display an enlargement of the area under the cursor (for precise pixel placement when zoomed out), or show the actual size view;
  • Preview Testing – Icon on the Magnify panel allows you to quickly view your icon or cursor against a variety of backgrounds. You can also test cursor hotspots with common controls.
  • Effects Filters shadow, blur, texture, bump, whirlpool, create tile pattern, color reduction, and many more. Supports many Photoshop-style plugins, as well as user-defined filters;
  • Auto-generate Animation Effects – Rotate, Scroll Text, Swirl, Fade, Dissolve, Wipes, etc.
  • Object Fill/Paint Style Options – add Pattern, Texture, Gradient. ;
  • Palettes – choose from rainbow, history, default 16-color or custom-color palette with color mixing area;
  • Undo/Redo – with history tracking to jump back to a previous point during editing (you can control the number of levels in the Set Preferences)

The requirements of the IconForge program are:

  • Windows 3.1/3.11/95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP
  • A suggested 32MB of RAM, 500Mhz CPU
  • A 16-bit or 32-bit Windows OS
Review by Jared Moya

ImageForge has an average rating 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 user ratings.