UFS Explorer

With UFS Explorer you may browse alternative filesystems and extract files from there. It has read-only support for BSD/MacOS UFS/UFS2, MacOS HFS+/HFSX and Linux ReiserFS/Ext2/Ext3, as well as has FAT support. It supports physical disks, including USB mass storage devices and set of virtual disks: VMWare (both 'flat' and 'variable size'), MS Virtual PC, MacOS .DMG (both raw and 'chunked' with ZLIB compression support), plain RAW disks.

* Read-only access to:
– Linux Reiser/Ext2/Ext3 filesystems;
– BSD UFS/UFS2 filesystems;
– Apple MacOS X HFS+/HFSX/UFS/UFS2 filesystems;
– FAT12/FAT16/FAT32.
* File search support;
* File extraction (for files larger then 16k – available after registration);
* Folder/object group extraction (for Standard Edition);
* Hard-disks auto-detection;
* Partitions auto-detection basing on DOS/BSD/MacOS-style partitioning; supports no partitioning at all.
* Partition probeing: detect correct filesystem if partition label is invalid;
* File extraction from disk images. Supports:
– VMWare 3,4,5 virtual disks;
– RAW disk image files (as well as partiton image files);
– both RAW and 'chunked' Apple MacOS disk image files (.DMG) with ZLIB compression support;
– Microsoft VirtualPC virtual disks;
– floppy disk images;
* Virtual Disk image type auto-detection.

Review by Jared Moya

UFS Explorer has an average rating 2.5 out of 5 based on 4 user ratings.