NTI Backup NOW

NTI Backup NOW delivers a total data backup solution. The Deluxe Suite version of our product is the only backup software to provide full image-level and file-level backup to an extensive list of storage media, including CD and DVD writers. NTI Backup NOW Deluxe Suite delivers a total solution for all your data backup needs. It is the first and only software title to provide full image backup and specific file backup for a wide range of storage media.

Here are the requirements of the NTI Backup program:

  • Easy backup of emails and documents
  • Easy backup of your PC desktop profiles
  • Backup to a remote FTP server
  • Secure 128-bit or 256-bit data encryption – (subject to US export regulations)
  • Extensive Backup Device Support – CD-R/RW, DVD-R/-RW/-RAM, DVD+R/+RW, internal/external/network hard drives, FTP servers, MO, Zip, Jaz, USB pen drives, and more!
  • Drive Spanning – Use multiple CD/DVD drives for unattended backup jobs
  • Hard Drive Spanning – Use multiple hard drives or partitions to accommodate large backups
  • Automatic Media Spanning – Automatically span your backup across multiple discs
  • Dynamic Drive Support – Our software is constantly updated to ensure compatibility with the newest CD/DVD writers
  • Bootable Emergency Recovery Disc – Create bootable CD or DVD discs to recover your primary drive or partition with a backup copy. Works even if your Windows installation is inoperable.
  • Automatic Backup Scheduling – Schedule unattended backup jobs to run at a specific time.
    Password Protection – Protect your backups from unauthorized access
  • Incremental and Differential Backup – After making the first backup (baseline backup) of a backup job, you can choose to backup only new or changed files the next time you run that backup job
  • Backup system files, hidden files, and even the Windows Registry.
  • An image backup is an exact duplicate of all data on your hard drive!
  • On-the-fly Compression – Store more data on less media space with file compression!
  • Network Drive Support – Save backup job files on remote network drives
  • Advanced file filtering for improved control of your backup jobs

The system requirements of the program are:

  • IBM PC or compatibles Pentium 90 or higher.
  • Minimum 64 MB Main Memory. (128 MB and above Recommended)
  • Windows® XP & Windows® 2000 Operating Systems may require at least 128 MB of Main Memory.
  • 35 MB of available free disk space for software installation.
  • NTI-supported CD or DVD recorders.
  • Please visit our web site at Click Here for the latest list of NTI-supported CD or DVD recorders. 
  • Microsoft Windows® 98/ME, 2000 Professional or XP
  • For Windows® 2000 and XP, you must log in as a user with Administrator Rights to install & run NTI Backup NOW! Deluxe.


Review by Jared Moya

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