Diet Kaza

Diet K removes spyware, blocks pop-ups, and gives users dozens of new features to configure the file-sharing client Kazaa Media Desktop. Speed up your downloads with a built-in advanced download accelerator and notification system. Diet K also has built-in supernode controls and participation level tools (backup/restore). Diet K removes the Gator adware bundled with Kazaa Media Desktop, along with Cydoor, Altnet, P2P Networking, MyBar Search Toolbar, and all other annoying adware bundles.

Version 3.0 fixes all known bugs and adds compatability with Kazaa Media Desktop 2.72. The most important new feature is DK Armor Install which allows you to block all the adware before its installed. Diet Kaza is free and legal (according to the authors) addon program for Kazaa, Grokster, or Morpheus. It removes all bannerss, pop-ups, extra button and third party compaonents from those clients and produces faster search results. In addition, it comes with a built in download accelerator to speed up your file downloads. Diet Kaza with Lemon is the "deluxe" edition that adds several advanced options to the product.

These are the basic features of Diet Kaza:

  • Removes all banners, pop up ads, and Spyware!
  • Built in Advanced Download Accelerator!
  • Makes searchs faster, and more results!
  • Removes the extra buttons (Bonzi, Shopping, etc)
  • Adds quick search shortcuts to the systray!
  • Changes the KaZaA Start homepage
  • Translated into 19 different languages so far!
  • Block adware before it is installed New!
  • Over 3.6 million Diet K downloads so far

Some of the requirements of Diet Kaza are:

  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • At least 1MB of free space
  • Kazaa Media Desktop installed
  • An active internet connection
Review by Jared Moya

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