Programs to watch television on our computers didn’t become popular up until Internet bandwidth connections became fast enough to support streaming video, but once this happened, programs like TVAnts, TVU Player, and SopCast became essential for many people looking for living room TV and expensive cable package alternatives.

TVAnts is one of the pioneers in the P2P TV streaming industry, and it’s one of the few ENGLISH P2P streaming program left. Nearly all the free streaming TV software is written in Chinese so it’s nice having an English version like TVAnts available.

TVAnts has a simple user interface where it shows all the channels by category and genre. From sports to music and education; from ESPN to Discovery channel. TVAnts has just about every channel you could want.

TvAnts is that kind of software that you always search for when there is a football game on and you either don’t want to go to the bar or it just isn’t available for viewing in your area.

With TVAnts you will be able to watch whatever football, soccer, golf, or baseball game you want!

The only disadvantage of TVAnts is the advertisement during loading, and also the long buffering time.

Other than that, the picture quality is much better compared to other TV streaming software.

TVAnts is Windows only.


Review by Jared Moya

TvAnts has an average rating 2.3 out of 5 based on 3 user ratings.