Stream Torrent

Stream Torrent is a small tool for streaming torrents to unlimited users with serverless P2P technology.

A free P2P application for streaming audio and video, Stream Torrent allows peers to stream data to each other, thus saving bandwidth from the original source.

“The Stream Torrent application was designed to be a small tool for streaming torrents to unlimited users with serverless peer to peer technology,” says the developer.” Stream Torrent will help users share live streams with others using distributed peer to peer technologies.

If you’re streaming files using BitTorrent, we recommend using a VPN.

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There’s two ways of watching content on Stream Torrent: using predefined addresses to popular content shared by sites like WiziWig or looking for content on your own via the program’s built-in search query box.

Using predefined addresses is as simple as clicking on the link and having Stream Torrent open and load the address automatically.

To find content on your own, enter a keyword or keywords in the built-in search query box to return a list of content to watch.

“You don’t need to get stuck watching only the local games on your television set anymore. Through the Internet you can watch any live sporting event that you want. There are many different ways you can watch live sports online but on your end all you need is a computer and a high speed Internet connection (broadband, DSL, Wi-Fi).”

Review by Jared Moya

Stream Torrent has an average rating 3.2 out of 5 based on 112 user ratings.