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ExoSee is a private community-oriented file-sharing program that allows you to download and share files with users all over the world. It allows for both public sharing within the community and private sharing with trusted members only.

ExoSee is unique compared to other file-sharing programs. It has no central server and you can choose your communities based on your own preference. It also supports its own XOC protocol that allows users to post direct links off the web for downloading, where only the owner of the link knows the location of the file.

You have also the possibility to Create your own Community for you and your friends.

ExoSee Features :

 Connect To Multiple Communities
You can simultaneously run up to 4 communities at the same time.

 Shared Public Folders
Share as many folders as you want in the communities you want.

 Shared Private Folders
Privately share files and folders with your favorite users. Only your favorite users can see your private files and folders.

 Xtra Folders
You can share an extra folder with a favorite user that only their eyes should see. Perfect for sharing specific folders that you don't want others users, even ones with private folder access to view.

 File-Send Feature
You can directly send any file from your PC to another user with fast transfer speeds and file delivery.

 Built-in Explorer
Browse and Download in an Explorer-like environment that makes navigating through folders a breeze.

 Community Web-Browsing
Each community can set their own homepage that can be viewed by all community members.

 Community XOC-Links Database
Each community has a local xoc-links database. The xoc-links are submitted by members of the community for downloading. The administrator and the moderators decide whether they are available to guests or actual members of the community.

 Private Chat
Talk with your buddies 1-on-1 in a private, encrypted chat window.

 100% Peer-To-Peer
ExoSee is decentralized meaning there is no central server to act as an indexing agent. It is solely based on direct user-to-user communication.

 Router/NAT support
ExoSee requires the opening of two ports. TCP 716 and 717.

 LAN (Local Area Network) Support
The ability to share files inside your local network.

 Auto-Resume Downloads
Auto-resume intermittently connected transfers.

 No Ads. No Spywares. 100% CLEAN
ExoSee software is clean and does not include any third-party software.

Freeware of course to download and use.

Review by Jared Moya

ExoSee has an average rating 1.0 out of 5 based on 2 user ratings.


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