NeoNapster is the home of the newest and hottest MP3, Audio and file sharing programs on the Internet. With NeoNapster you can download all MP3s, games, software, movies, pictures, and more ultra-fast from the Gnutella network! With the all new NeoAudio, you can extract and encode music from your CDs, direct to your hard drive in a variety of digital audio formats.

NeoNapster 4 is a totally new P2P program featuring hybrid Gnutella and OpenNap network support. Now you can download files from more than twice the users. Check out the early beta versions of this powerful P2P tool, and check back often for new updates.

NeoNapster is a free file sharing program based on the Gnutella protocol. Similar to Napster and Morpheus, NeoNapster gives users the ability to search for, download, and share music, videos, software and more with millions of others.

NeoNapster supports the most powerful Gnutella features, such as multi-host download swarming, SuperNode compatibility, SHA-1 hashing, download resuming, IRC integrated chat, firewall compatibility, and much more.

Advanced features such as search filtering, bandwidth, and CPU limiting controls reside in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. NeoNapster is free software, and does NOT display banner ads in the program. New features include SHA-1 hashing, which allows you to reliably search and download files from multiple hosts quickly, and a vastly simplified interface.

Some of the NeoNapster features include:

  • NeoNapster features the easiest-to-use interface around. A flexible tabbed interface makes it beginner-friendly and powerful.
  • Connect to the Gnutella network and get access to billions of files from millions of other users around the world. Access MP3s, DixV movies, software, games, and more.
  • Ultrapeer technology allows for most efficient sharing between users. Connect to and share with LimeWire, BearShare, Morpheus and Gnucleus users seamlessly.
  • Refine and filter searches with advanced screening options.
  • NeoNapster supports the latest Gnutella specifications, including Ultrapeers, SHA-1 file hashing, host blocking, bandwidth limiting, metadata in queries, and much more.
  • Communicate with the integrated IRC chat feature
  • NeoNapster features no banners, nags, or annoying shopping features and is totally free to download.
Review by Jared Moya

NeoNapster has an average rating 3.3 out of 5 based on 8 user ratings.