MyNapster is one of the many file-exchange clients for the Gnutella network and it does the ususual things the usual way – you share your own files (music, videos, images, programs – whatever) and download files shared by other people on the network, you can search for the files you want, resume interrupted downloads, limit the bandwidth for upload/download etc. It does have a few unique features though: a built-in chat client for use on the IRC servers within the Gnutella network, and a graphical node list – a map-like representation of the way the signal goes to and from your machine through the network. I can’t call these features too useful, but they work well.

This Gnutella client has a pretty ugly single-window interface, but as far as I know, all Gnutella clients are ugly. MyNapster also comes under full GNU license and its developers offer no warranty for it at all. It also lacks the brilliant network health tools of Limewire. But in actually getting the things done MyNapster outperforms not only Limewire but also all other Gnutella clients I’ve seen – under the unpleasant interface there is a very fast, very stable file sharing program. Choose it if you care for performance vastly more than for looks.

Here are some of the main features of MyNapster:

  • Fast downloads, only bound by the limitations of you and the host’s connection,
  • stable downloads, multihost ensures that you download your file from as many people as possible.
  • No spyware, we all hate spyware and so does MyNapster when you download and install mynapster, mynapster is all you download.
  • If your not sure if you have spyware download adaware from
  • A pleasant chat, bored, waiting on transfers or just want to chat with friendly people, click the chat icon and talk away.
  • With this new release we hope to provide people with the best of the best that filesharing has to offer!

Some of the requirements of MyNaspter are:

  • A computer with Windows 98 or newer
  • And a connection to either Internet or LAN
  • A suggested 32Mb of RAM with 500Mhz CPU
Review by Jared Moya

MyNapster has an average rating 1.5 out of 5 based on 2 user ratings.