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Gnucleas – An open-source no-spyware gnutella client. Gnucleus was designed for the most basic computer user, easy install, quick downloads and best of all Gnucleus is not owned by a large company like the others. Gnucleus is full of interesting features and extras, all the standard stuff plus more! Gnucleus was the beginning of a few open-source Gnutella related projects (GWebCache, GnucDNA, GnucNS). Gnucleus itself is a Windows application for accessing the Gnutella and G2 networks.

One of the first released after the introduction of Gnutella in 2000 by Nullsoft. It is also the first client to fully support the G2 network, the future of open protocol P2P. The latest builds of Gnucleus can be found on the download page and also through the auto-update system inside the program. Currently most of the development effort is going into the GnucDNA (the core of Gnucleus) rather than the Gnucleus interface itself. Downloading the Gnucleus client from this site will always give you the latest version of the core and full support for all of its features.

Some of the features of the Gnucleus program:

  • Open Source – The code that makes this program is free! Anyone who wants to is free to modify my program and make their own versions. The advantage of open-soure is that people can also find problems in the code and fix it themselves without waiting for me to fix it for them. This gives you, the user, confidence that gnucleus will never become ‘out of date’, even if I am no longer able to work on this project someone can always come out with new versions.
  • Simple and Powerful – Keep it simple, stupid. Gnucleus is created with the mind set that first time users should be able to open the program and get files immediately. To achive this kind of usablility I did not dumb down the program in any way. Advanced features are still fully accessible to the user, but they will only be found and understood by advanced users. Over time as a users become experienced and appreciates the kind of power that they have over the program.
  • Mulitple Windows – One of the most distinguishing features of Gnucleus is that it is not just one big dialog with tabs seperating different parts of the program. Gnucleus has sub-windows inside itself so that users can observe different aspects of the program simultaneously. Such as watching downloads progress while chatting with a friend, or performing an unlimited number of searches at the same time.
  • Not Evil – Unlike many file sharing systems, Gnucleus is not run by a company. This project has been active for over a year and no one has made a dime of it. We do not want your money, we want your support in development and making this program something great. Few windows programs are open-source, this is one of the few, because of that it is impossible for us to ever charge you for this program or future versions. I make this program out of my need for a honest file sharing system.

The system requirements of the Gnucleas program are:

  • A Windows Operating System
  • An active internet connection
  • A recommended 32MB of RAM
  • A recommended 600Mhz CPU
  • A least 20MB of free HD space
Review by Jared Moya

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