xMule is a multi-platform clone of the popular eMule client for the eDonkey filesharing network. Currently supporting various Linux/Unix/BSD platforms, with MacOS and Windows versions in development, xMule aims at higher stability and portability than the competitors.

xMule is an easy to use synchronizing fork of the popular eMule client and the mature parent of aMule. xMule currently supports GNU/Linux, and *BSD. Future versions might also support Windows and the MacOS X operating systems


  • Global searches over hundreds of servers.
  • Multi-source downloads, source exchange.
  • Support for eMule extended protocol.
  • Credits system to promote sharers.
  • Download categories, statistics.
  • ED2K links system to ensure you always get the real file you’r looking for.
  • Webserver to allow remote administration via browser.
  • Partial movie files preview

We at Zeropaid are here to guide you along your setup and we suggest you have a look at our eMule and eDonkey FAQ to solve any of the problems that you may come across. If this doesn’t help with what your exactly looking for, then don’t hesistate to check out the Zeropaid BBS and it’s active forums of our many members.

Review by Jared Moya

xMule has an average rating 2.9 out of 5 based on 7 user ratings.