RevConnect is a file sharing program based on DC++. It is fully compatible with the Direct Connect network. RevConnect is an free open-source, ad and spyware-free client, written in C++ for the Direct Connect protocol originally developed by John Hess, that allows you to share files over the internet with other users.

It’s much more stable. It wastes less memory, is faster, file size is smaller and long queue won’t freeze the whole program. Neo-Modus Direct Connect eats memory and resources. You can connect to many hubs at same time and search for files from all of them with same search. You can continue downloading the same file from other users if somebody leaves.

You can see timestamps in the chat. Chat won’t jump to end when you roll back old messages. Bot messages wont popup new windows, you can also filter bot messages off.

Here is a list of the main features of RevConnect:

  • Multiple Sources Downloading – Download one file from multiple users at the same time without corruption! This can vastly improve your download speeds. Every download chunk is combinable and dividable and has elastic size decided by download speed.
  • Automatically Recycle Excessive Sources – Congestion avoidance. Prevent users from exhausting precious free slots in the network. There is a dynamic minimum download speed decided by total download connections amount. e.g. 50 download connections require every connection’s speed > 2K bytes/s . By this way, users with better bindwidth could download fast, meanwhile poor internet connections could max their bindwidth with minimum tcp connections amount. The principle here is downloading as fast as you can without wastingness.
  • Kademlia – A hub independent en more effective DHT based search engine. Latest version uses UDP port 9183.
  • Partial File Sharing – Greatly enhances file sharing speed and availability.
  • Credit System – The credit system is used to reward users contributing to the network, i.e. uploading to other clients.
  • Secure User Identification – Clients in the network are identified by a unique 384 bit RSA public key, it’s used to grant earned credits with other users.
  • Magnet Link and Bitzi Lookup – Find and recommend quality files with ease. Take a look at the FindHash and HotTTH for magnet links (and to post your own).
  • Enhanced Auto Search – Once you decide your downloads, you never need find sources by yourself.
Review by Jared Moya

RevConnect has an average rating 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 user ratings.