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MakeTorrent is a Win32 solution for easily creating .torrent files with features such as multi-tracker .torrents and a custom tracker list.  A utility for creating torrent files. MakeTorrent is a complete Win32 rewrite of CompleteDir application. It has many more features such as automatic piece size, auto-update of tracker lists, and multiple modes of operation.

Some of the MakeTorrent features inlcude:

  • Complete Win32 re-write
  • Built-in Torrent Editor/Viewer
  • Automatic update of trackers, as well as personal tracker supoport
  • 2 modes: Simple and Classic
  • Support for backup/multi trackers
  • Based off the latest CVS sources
  • New ‘visit’ button that will take you to the homepage of the selected tracker
  • Inserts new creation time and comment fields into torrents
  • Allows you to choose if you want a bunch of torrents, or 1 big torrent from whole directory!
  • Automatic or manual piece size selection (automatic is suggested)
  • Better error handling, no longer crashes on Cancel
  • Better installer

What’s New in This Release:

  • Added new setting: auto-ignore thumbs.db (default: enabled)
  • New command line parameter: -autosize
  • Moved create torrent button up higher, in the case the above doesn’t work.
  • Added more piece sizes, up to 16mb (only use if you know what you’re doing!)
  • When a torrent has been created, the abort button now greys out and the finish button focuses


Review by Jared Moya

MakeTorrent has an average rating 3.0 out of 5 based on 8 user ratings.


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