musikCube uses a backend entitled musikCore, this controls the database and playback functionality of the software and has no gui code of its own. From this framework it is possible to build an alternative GUI for any operating system. A Linux version exists but has not been promoted due to lack of configure scripts and makefiles.

The library database uses SQL, this way of storing data allows it to be very accessible. For example the user can create dynamic playlists that sort and gather tracks together through simple queries. This feature and examples can be found on the musikCube wiki.

The only drawback of musikCube is that it does not have integration with any music stores, meaning it only supports un-encrypted music. Thus, musikCube is only for people who have un-encrypted music collections. You can usually get un-encrypted music from CD’s that you bought, or the select few music stores that don’t encrypt their music (such as Magnatune).

While the interface and musikCore portions of the application are open source under a BSD-style license, audio playback is achieved via the BASS audio library from Un4seen Developments. This library is not open source and may not be used in commercial projects without paying a licensing fee.

Review by Jared Moya

musikCube has an average rating 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 user ratings.