SLD Codec Pack

SLD Codec Pack is a collection of codecs necessary to play all your DivX, RV9 movies. All versions of the SLD Codec Pack are free and without ads or spyware. A collection of numerous important audio and video codecs inclusive Videoplayer for video CDs and SVCD. Beside a Mpeg-2 decoder are also included, Mpeg-1, DivX and XviD video codecs as well as MP3, WMA and Ogg Vorbis audio codecs.

The Sld codec pack contains much codec to play all your divx in very good quality! The codec pack is available in two versions, "Basic" and "Pro", with the Basic version being a lite version of the Pro version.

The entire features of all the versions include:

  • Features of SLD Codec Pack 1.5 Pro Beta 6 :

– 3ivx codec added
– DVD player
– Mp3 encoder with Media Player
– Audio convertisser
– GSpot, to know what is the codec used to play your movie
– Virtualdub
– Some options usefuls
– Morgan Multimedia M-JPEG V3 codec
– Codec Mp3 professionnel
– DivX (all versions)
– Play old divx ( format Divx 😉 Audio )
– Play / compress WMA
– Play Mpeg-2
– Play AC-3
– Play Ogg Vorbis
– Play / record Microsoft MPEG-4 Version 1,2,3
– Play RV9 files
– Play Xvid format
– Play quick time files and jpeg files
– All Indeo version inclued
– Divx 5.0.3 basic & FFDShow codec inclued (can configure them)

  • Features of SLD Codec Pack 2.2:

– DVD player
– Mp3 encoder with Media Player
– Professional Mp3 codec
– DivX (all versions)
– Playback old divx ( format Divx 😉 Audio )
– Play / compress WMA
– Play Mpeg-2
– Play AC-3
– Play Ogg Vorbis & Xvid format
– Play / compress Microsoft MPEG-4 Version 1,2,3

  • SLD Codec Pack 2.2 will install:

– Indeo DirectShow Filter and codec
– MP4 DirectShow Filter
– MPC DirectShow filter
– Ogg Vorbis DS filter
– 3iVX DirectShow Filter
– DivX DirectShow Filter
– XviD DirectShow filter and codec
– MP3 codec
– AAC DirectShow filter
– Mpeg-2 DirectShow filter
– Morgan Multimedia Stream Switcher DS filter
– AC3 DirectShow filter
– DivX Audio Codec (some old DivX)
– Matroska DirectShow filter
– VobSub & TextSub DS filter
– Media Player Classic
Real Player Or Real Alternative Interface for Media Player classic


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