Nimo Codec Pack

Nimo Codec Pack – It is a pack containing lots of different audio and video codecs and directshow filters that are used to play various types of avi files including DivX. The codecs are not produced by ourselves, we just include them in the pack (so although we will help as much as we can if you experience problems, we are not to blame for faulty codecs!).

Here is a list of all the featured codecs in the pack:

  • Coder & decoder Divx 4.12 Build 307 (Project Mayo)(DivX).
  • Coder & decoder DivX V3.11a (3.11Alpha Low Motion)(Div3) for playing old compressed movies.
  • Coder & decoder DivX v3.11a (3.11Alpha Fast Motion)(Div4)
    for playing old compressed movies.
  • Coder & decoder DivX WMA Audio V4.2 (Standard)(divxa32).
  • Coder & decoder MPEG-Layer 3 Audio V4.2 (Professional)(l3acm), With control panel icon.
  • Decoder for AC3 Audio V2.2.
  • Coder & decoder MS MPEG-4 (For ASF/DivX Conversion)(mpg4,mp42,mp43).
  • Filters for Vob playback in Windows Media Player:
  • MPEG Parser ActiveX filter
  • MPEG Decoder ActiveX filter
  • MS-MPEG4 ActiveX filter
  • DivX V3.2 ActiveX filter
  • DivX V4.0 ActiveX filter
  • DivX AC3 Prologic ActiveX filter
  • The : InterVideo Audio Decoder ActiveX filter (No limit time)
  • The MS Mpeg Original codec (Microsoft)
  • The New MPEG-2 Splitter AC3 XForm
  • The New Ligos MPEG-2 Splitter
  • The Morgan Multimedia Stream Switcher (To change the audio stream in WMP)
  • I-Media Multi-MPEG2-Source
  • MPEG Layer-2 Audio Decoder
  • MPEG Layer-3 Audio Codec for MSACM
  • DivX AntiFreeze Filter (No more freezed movies)
  • DirectSound 3D Renderer (with help files)
  • Cyberlink PowerDVD 3.0 Audio Decoder
  • Ogg Vorbis Audio codec for MSACM
  • (Lame mp3)
  • Windows Media Audio Codec
  • Lame MP3 Encoder ACM Codec
  • 3ivx Delta 3.5 Codec for QuickTime Windows and the pluging for flask
  • Plug-ins for Flask: Panasonic MPEG 1, LSX MPEG 1 or MPEG2
  • Mpeg2dec DLL
  • Lame MP3 Encoder ACM 0.3.0
  • Directshow Bicubic Resizer 1.3
  • Playa 0.6.6
  • DivX AntiFreeze Filter 0.4
  • Sub Station Alpha v2.x/4.x
  • Moonlight Scalar Filter
  • Subtitle Picture Decoder
  • DynEQ DirectShow filter
  • DivFix 1.06 with Source Code
  • Logo plug-in for VirtualDub and Nandub
  • Fraunhofer Vob Filters
  • Fraunhofer Mp3 codec
  • DivX G400 Filter ver 2.7

What Nimo Codec Pack should I install?

  • If codecs confuse you, install the "Lite" version. It is simpler to install, but it contains less codecs and it doesn't give you complete choice over what codecs you want installed. Build 8 is what we recommend to most users who are not completely new to codecs, as it allows the user to have complete choice over what codecs are or aren't installed. The Build 9 Beta contains more up to date codecs than Build 8 but is still undergoing testing so use at own risk (discuss any problems you have with the Build 9 beta in the forum).
Review by Jared Moya

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