DVD Shrink

DVD Shrink is a freeware program for Microsoft Windows that facilitates backing up DVD movies. As store-bought DVDs are typically dual layer (8.5 GB) and normal blank DVD media are single layer (4.7 GB), one of DVD Shrink’s functions is to re-encode the movie in lesser quality and/or discard extra content such as foreign-language soundtracks.

The interface allows the user to choose specifically which DVD elements (video titles, audio tracks, menus, and subtitles) to retain on the “shrunken” DVD. The program features a decryption algorithm and a VBR encoder, and the user is also able to choose how the compression is to be distributed across the movie. DVD Shrink can automatically recompress the video to a minimum of 39% of its original size, depending on the aspect ratio of the original DVD (with a corresponding loss in quality) to allow it to fit on a standard DVD±R(W), a Dual-Layer DVD+R, or any user-defined custom size. When the time-consuming “Deep Analysis” and “Adaptive Error Compensation” options are selected, the quality of the resulting DVD is increased.

In addition to re-authoring DVDs to fit a specific media format, DVD Shrink also allows the user to make an identical backup copy without changes. In either mode, the program has options to facilitate the stripping of the CSS copy protection, removal of restrictions on user actions during certain portions of the disc (prohibiting skipping over previews or “FBI Warnings” and so on), and also allows the copy to be either made region-free, (the default setting) or set for any region code. Extra software may be required to remove more recent forms of copy protection such as Macrovision Ripguard.

Once the DVD has been downsized, the resulting output is an ISO file or a DVD VIDEO_TS folder. It should be noted that the program cannot burn these images itself, as it does not contain a built-in burning engine. It can however pass the burning job to DVD Decrypter.


How Do I Use DVD Shrink?


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