The Pirate Bay Goes Server Free

The Pirate Bay has announced on its blog that it has got rid of its real life servers, in an

BitTorrent & Internet Archive Offer More Than 1.8 M Free Books, Music, Movies, and More

BitTorrent Inc. and Internet Archive form partnership to make over 1.8 million pieces of licensed, legal archived content and cultural artifacts

Sync.ME: iPhone App Updates Your Contacts With Pics, Info from Facebook

IPhone app keeps your contacts up-to-date with their latest profile pic and info from Facebook like birthday, status, address and more. Trying

Windows 8 won’t offer adult games

Windows 8 app developer guidelines forbid any content that falls under a “Mature” or PEGI 18 rating. Microsoft has revealed

Apple Insider Names iPad Mini Release Date

Apple’s iPad Mini Set for Pre-Christmas Release. An Apple insider has revealed that the company’s smaller tablet, the iPad Mini

Battle Heats Up Between Pandora, Record Industry Over Royalties

Internet Radio Fairness Act would allow Internet Radio royalty rates to be determined by the same long-established process applicable to satellite

5 App-Building Tools That Take You From Dreamer to Developer

No code? No problem. This list of app-building tools takes the hassle out of development on a budget. Whether you’re

Google Wallet to Start Accepting Micropayments

Google Wallet has set up a pay as you go system for web users who want individual premium articles. Google

Top 10 BitTorrent Sites of 2012

Roundup of some of the more popular BitTorrent download sites around for 2012. Sadly, BitTorrent sites come and go, and

RetroUI Lets PC Users Return to Windows’ Classic Desktop Appearance

RetroUI enables fazed Windows 8 users to revert back to the classic appearance without losing any of the additional features

The Real Reason Apple Dropped Google’s Maps? Android.

Reports have surfaced suggesting that Apple wasn’t happy over Google’s Android advantage. Apple’s much-maligned Maps app has been widely criticized

7 Top Communication Apps that Save your Social Life and your Phone Bill

Seven apps that let you call, text, video chat and send pictures for free. With the rising popularity of smartphones,

Top 5 FREE NFL Football Apps for Your iPhone, iPad

A rundown of the top 5 NFL football apps around for your iPhone and iPad so you can keep a

PhoneNZB: Download Usenet Files Directly to Your iPhone, iPad

App for jailbroken iPhones and iPads allows you to download Usenet content directly to your iPhone or iPad wherever or

ZTE to Launch First Smartphone with Mozilla OS

Chinese manufacturer ZTE are developing a new mobile OS with Mozilla. Chinese company ZTE have announced they are developing a

6 Alternative iOS Map Apps

Getting lost with Apple’s Maps? Find yourself again with these fully-functional alternative iOS map apps. Apple users are finding themselves

The New Apple Maps App: The Lowdown on One of iOS 6’s Biggest Features

Lose yourself with the new Apple Maps app. Last week, we talked about Apple and Google’s parting of ways and

Security vs Privacy, the Current Tradeoff with the FISA Amendments Act

Privacy is a big topic in contemporary society, specifically with regards to how important it is when it comes to

Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, Co-founder of Pirate Bay, Detained in Sweden

Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, co-founder of Pirate Bay, was detained by local police in Sweden and is under questioning for potential