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Obama: Consumers Should be Able to Unlock their Cell Phones

White House responds to online petition calling for it to reverse Librarian of Congress’ earlier decision to end cell phones’ exemption

Pirate Bay Evolves Into Hydra Bay

The Pirate Bay has been attacked for years, with server seizures, raids on hosts and the founders imprisoned, but the

“6-Strikes” Copyrights Alert System Goes Live

Graduated response system for addressing online copyright infringement begins. Today marks the fateful implementation of the Copyright Alert System (CAS), a

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Mega Overtakes Rapidshare, DropBox

Kim Dotcom’s Mega is continuing to stampede its way through its fellow file locker websites, contemptuously knocking them aside despite

Mega.co.nz Becomes Biggest New Zealand Site, Impacts Drop Box

In just three days, Kim Dotcom’s newly launched Mega file locker website has become the biggest in the whole of

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New Mega File-Sharing Site Launches with User Controlled Encryption

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Paypal Holds User’s Funds to Earn off Their Interest

New information has been brought forward that seems to suggest that online payment provider Paypal, has for a long time

BitTorrent Surf: Chrome Extension for Searching, Downloading Torrents in Your Browser

New extension for Google Chrome browser makes it even easier to search for and download movies, music, games, TV shows,

How to Download iPhone, iPad Apps for FREE (No Jailbreak Req)

New China-based program Kuaiyong allows users to download and install Apple apps for FREE on their iPhone and iPad without jailbreaking.

Pirate Bay Down for Everyone, but “Ship Will Sail Again Tomorrow”

Doesn’t specify why, but promises it will “get the ship sailing again” sometime “tomorrow.” Every time Swedish BitTorrent tracker site

Facebook Messenger Turns Into a Phone, Adds Phone and Voice Messaging

App now allows users to record and send messages to family and friends; phone calls currently limited to Canadian users