The Magic of Tribler – Social Networking

This is the second in a three part series of Tribler, a revolutionary new BitTorrent client servers to grace the

Getting Started with Tribler

The BitTorrent community has watched numerous client servers come and go, each falling victim to people’s desire for the “latest

Apple’s Hypocritical Position Against the French Government

For those who have not heard of the Apple vs French Government controversy, here is a quick run down on

Christain Music Trade Association Intentionally Misleading Congress

All to often the Music Industry (and the Movie Industry for that matter) promotes lies, distortions and propaganda to the

Judge Tells RIAA They Don’t Get To Randomly Hunt Through Everyone’s Computers

One thing that’s become clear in all of the recording industry’s lawsuits against file sharers, is they feel they pretty

Broadband ISPs – Biting the torrent that feeds them

Flash back to 1998 or 1999, when most of us accessed the Interweb through telephone lines. AOL ruled the geography


Six Tech Companies to Demonstrate Content Distribution and Filtering Technology Los Angeles – – Beginning on Tuesday, March 21 in

Apple’s iPod nano – A Bandwagon Worth Riding

The Apple iPod nano – A Bandwagon Worth Riding It’s cold, dark, and there’s not a soul on the road.

Getting to Know Your Audio Files

If you ever wondered what the heck a FLAC or an OGG file is, this guide will tell you everything

MP3 Players Linked to Hearing Loss

They hold thousands of songs, and are small enough to fit in your hand. But when it comes to Ipod

Lala – a P2P NetFlix for swapping CDs

A new Valley-based start up is updating the old idea of a swap meet for music fans. provides a

Groundbreaking Anonymous Download Service Attacks iTunes, Kazaa

SC Mediom Global SRL today released MacLoader for both PC and Mac, the most modern way to download to your

Tribler: New Dutch p2p network

“Instead of the lone hacker, for the first time, it was written by a team of more than a dozen

DVD Authoring with NERO

An easy step-by-step guide that will teach you the ins and outs of using this popular DVD authoring program. There

DVD Authoring with WinAVI

How to rip and burn DVDs using the popular WinAVI program. There are many programs to choose from when creating a

WinRAR – File Archive Tutorial

TAR, stands for tape archive, from when archives were initially backed up on magnetic tape. The .TAR format can archive

VCD, SVCD, and DVD, what they are and how to burn them.

There are a four basic video media formats out there that one will encounter when downloading and burning to disc.

Advanced Azureus Techniques

There are a ton of cool and awesome settings on Azureus that often go either unnoticed or simply overlooked by

Ready to be an Internet DJ?

A TUTORIAL ON HOW TO GIVE A GLOBAL SHOUTOUT WITH SHOUTCAST AND WINAMP For those budding internet spinsters out there

Defragmenting Your PC

Why defrag ment your PC? Regularly scheduled defragmentation your PC is very important in maintaining your hard drive’s optimum performance.