RIAA & MPAA Threaten 40 Universities

THE Recording and Motion Picture Industries have sent letters, ‘informing’, 40 different Universitites, within 25 states, of the alleged file-trading

Canadian Artists Unite Against the RIAA

The Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) has been attempting to turn Canada into an America, where they could get any

Limewire and Java – Why?

I like to use this column to write about some newsworthy happening or disturbing trend. It lets me write to

Sen. Feinstein for RIAA & MPAA in 2006, Not Consumers

Senator Diane Feinstein (D), California, will be running for re-election in the fall of this year. Her win should be

Creating torrents with Azureus

For those unfamiliar with basic BitTorrent terminology, i.e. upload, torrent, etc., a guide can be found here at Zeropaid to

EULAs – A solution at last?

Disagreements aren’t what you’d call an endangered species in most tech circles. In one realm however, it seems that everyone

RIAA Accuses President Bush of Piracy

In a recent article posted on Real Tech News, the MPAA and RIAA have stated in a 54-page DMCA review

How Piracy Opens Doors for Windows

Bill Gates may not be entirely dismayed by software thieves. They seed the world market and make Microsoft a standard.

Phone to Carry Video Projector

A South Korean company developed a coin-size laser video projector module that can fit into portable gadgets such as mobile

ISP snooping gaining support

The explosive idea of forcing Internet providers to record their customers’ online activities for future police access is gaining ground

China to Promote Linux & Other Non-Windows Operating Systems

According to an article over at The Inquirer, the National Copyright Administration of China is now requiring that all new

Russian ‘Legal’ Music Services offer More ‘Bang-for-Buck’

AllofMP3.com is one of the top ‘legal’ download music services in the United Kingdom. AllofMP3 is a semi-legal Russian mp3-download

Pearl Jam pens first-ever #1 digital download

It’s commonplace for obscure new acts in music to make their work available for free using the many distribution mediums

PeerFactor HD : the downloading killer application

PeerFactor, an IT french company, release Monday a revolutionary download system for webmasters. Theoricaly, it will be possible for webmasters

PUBLIC vs PRIVATE – Torrent Sites Explained

A frequent problem when it comes to BitTorrent downloading is of course the “where,” the “Where do I find stuff?”

EFF: AT&T forwards all Internet traffic into NSA

“The evidence that we are filing supports our claim that AT&T is diverting Internet traffic into the hands of the

RIAA Suggests MIT Student Drop Out Of School To Pay Fine

The RIAA has made quite the business out of shaking down folks they accuse of uploading music. This has been

New “Dark” Freenet Available for Testing

The Freenet Project has just released the first alpha version of the much anticipated Freenet 0.7 branch. This is a

Adverse impact of DRM on CD reviews

There’s a lot to hate about Digital Rights Management (DRM.) The bulk of the bad has been chronicled here and

TorrentSpy Files Motion to Dismiss

TorrentSpy, as its name suggests, is a BitTorrent indexing site. Considering much of the terminology associated with file-sharing is rooted