I've been interested in P2P since the early, high-flying days of Napster and KaZaA. I believe that analog copyright laws are ill-suited to the digital age, and that art and culture shouldn't be subject to the whims of international entertainment industry conglomerates.

Pirate Bay – Down, but not Out

In the aftermath of the recent raid on The Pirate Bay offices in Sweden, the following message has been posted

Disney to sell films on Internet-based movie site

LOS ANGELES — Disney films such as “Glory Road” and the animated “Chicken Little” will soon be available to own

Safepeer Plugin for Azureus

Following on the heels of our other distinguished Azureus plugin articles, I offer for here for your reading pleasure a

China vows to better protect copyright on Internet

The Chinese government has passed a new regulation to ban the uploading and downloading of Internet material without the copyright

Control Azureus Remotely

Azureus, the BitTorrent Client that keeps on giving, has an often overlooked feature called Swing Web Interface that makes it

Schools targeted with anti-piracy message

The Federation Against Software Theft (Fast) is targeting primary and secondary schools for the first time with a campaign to

Windows Media Player 11 Reviewed

Yesterday, much like many of you out there no doubt, I got my hands on a beta copy of the

Record Industry Sues XM Satellite

Natural allies in the music industry – record labels and a leading satellite service – are on opposing sides in

More RIAA terror tactics

Police officers in Norfolk, Virginia, raided a record store called Dappa Don Clothing Company in March, confiscating several thousand dollars’

How to call anyworld in the world for FREE with Skype

Is the era of the old fashioned telephone dead? Say it isn’t so. I’m not talking about cell phones either,

Auto Download Movies, Music, and TV Shows with Azureus

Many of you have no doubt wondered what the RSS Feed Scanner plugin for Azureus is all about, but perhaps

Hauling In The Hollywood Hackers

How undercover FBI agents nab the bootleggers who threaten the movie biz Under the predawn sky on June 29, 2005,

DAEMON TOOLS – Playing Your Favorite PC Games Without A Disc

Oftentimes after countless hours spent playing your favorite PC game, one will find that the game disc slowly wastes away

Creating torrents with Azureus

For those unfamiliar with basic BitTorrent terminology, i.e. upload, torrent, etc., a guide can be found here at Zeropaid to

PUBLIC vs PRIVATE – Torrent Sites Explained

A frequent problem when it comes to BitTorrent downloading is of course the “where,” the “Where do I find stuff?”

The Magic of Tribler – Social Networking

This is the second in a three part series of Tribler, a revolutionary new BitTorrent client servers to grace the

Getting Started with Tribler

The BitTorrent community has watched numerous client servers come and go, each falling victim to people’s desire for the “latest

Judge Tells RIAA They Don’t Get To Randomly Hunt Through Everyone’s Computers

One thing that’s become clear in all of the recording industry’s lawsuits against file sharers, is they feel they pretty

Getting to Know Your Audio Files

If you ever wondered what the heck a FLAC or an OGG file is, this guide will tell you everything

Tribler: New Dutch p2p network

“Instead of the lone hacker, for the first time, it was written by a team of more than a dozen