I've been interested in P2P since the early, high-flying days of Napster and KaZaA. I believe that analog copyright laws are ill-suited to the digital age, and that art and culture shouldn't be subject to the whims of international entertainment industry conglomerates.

How to Turn Your Windows Laptop Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot for FREE

Quick and easy guide for turning your Windows laptop into a Wi-FI hotspot so you can share Internet connection with

BitTorrent & Internet Archive Offer More Than 1.8 M Free Books, Music, Movies, and More

BitTorrent Inc. and Internet Archive form partnership to make over 1.8 million pieces of licensed, legal archived content and cultural artifacts

Sync.ME: iPhone App Updates Your Contacts With Pics, Info from Facebook

IPhone app keeps your contacts up-to-date with their latest profile pic and info from Facebook like birthday, status, address and more. Trying

Battle Heats Up Between Pandora, Record Industry Over Royalties

Internet Radio Fairness Act would allow Internet Radio royalty rates to be determined by the same long-established process applicable to satellite

Top 10 BitTorrent Sites of 2012

Roundup of some of the more popular BitTorrent download sites around for 2012. Sadly, BitTorrent sites come and go, and

Top 5 FREE NFL Football Apps for Your iPhone, iPad

A rundown of the top 5 NFL football apps around for your iPhone and iPad so you can keep a

PhoneNZB: Download Usenet Files Directly to Your iPhone, iPad

App for jailbroken iPhones and iPads allows you to download Usenet content directly to your iPhone or iPad wherever or

BitTorrent Releases uTorrent for Android

BitTorrent users can now download content directly to their mobile device using the new uTorrent for Android Beta. Up until

MySites: Chrome Extension Gives New Tabs Windows Metro 8-Like Start Screen

Gives new Chrome tabs a Windows Metro 8-like look and feel, and makes it even easier to “speed dial and

How to View Your Facebook Friends’ Birthdays, Events in Google Calendar

A quick guide that will show you how to view your Facebook friends’ birthdays and events in Google Calendar. A

How to Download Music From Soundcloud

Quick guide to downloading and ripping your favorite songs from SoundCloud, the online music distribution site. Years ago I showed

OneClick Chrome Extension Eliminates Need for BitTorrent Client

OneClick Chrome extension downloads BitTorrent files in your browser, and eliminates need for a standalone BitTorrent client. The OneClick Chrome extension

Jailbreak iPhone, iPad in Minutes with Absinthe

Quick, easy-to follow iPhone jailbreaking guide requires little technical skill, can be done with absolutely no fear of “bricking” your

Chrome Remote Desktop BETA: Chrome Extension for Free Remote PC Access

Google Chrome browser extension allows you to access other computers remotely or allow another user to access your computer securely over

Winamp: 15yr Slide from Media Player Dominance to Obscurity

The formerly must-have media player software quietly celebrates its 15th anniversary with a new mobile version of Winamp for Android

Spotify App Offers Free Streaming Radio for iPhone, iPad

Popular online music streaming service drops the $10 monthly fee for mobile streaming, and allows users to discover, save and enjoy an unlimited

ChromePW: How to Password Protect Google Chrome

Guide to using the ChromePW extension for Google Chrome which protects your privacy by requiring a password login to open

How to Create a Blog Using Your Own Domain

A quick guide to creating and customizing a Tumblr blog using your own personal domain. Creating and customizing a blog

Transparent Screen: Free Android App for Safely Texting & Walking at the Same Time

Free Android app allows you to use your phone as usual while being able to see a transparent live image of

Chrome Extensions for Anonymous Web Browsing

A rundown of the top 5 extensions for the Google Chrome browser that allows users to surf the Internet anonymously, and bypass site