Drew Wilson is perhaps one of the more well-known file-sharing and technology news writers around. A journalist in the field since 2005, his work has had semi-regular appearances on social news websites and even occasional appearances on major news outlets as well. Drew founded <a href="http://www.freezenet.ca">freezenet.ca</a> and still contributes to ZeroPaid.

Website ‘You’ve Been Owned’ Launches to Defend First-Sale Doctrine

One of the stories we’ve posted that has received a lot of attention was our article entitled “Could Selling Your

The TPP is About More Than Just Cows and Chickens

Now that Canada is either one step closer or in the TPP talks, the Canadian media have become much more

ACTA Committee Defeat: Europeans Celebrate a ‘Victory for European Democracy’

It was building up for weeks, but after ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) was defeated by the European International Trade (INTA)

European International Trade Committee Defeats ACTA (19 to 12)

The European International Trade Committee this morning has voted to defeat ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement). The vote was reportedly going

Company Selling Internet Music Monitoring Service – Concerning or Not?

Recently, we received a tip about a company creating software that would actively monitor websites in search of anyone posting

Debate on ACTA Heats up On Eve of Critical Committee Vote

ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) has been an an agreement we’ve been following for years. All eyes are currently on Europe

ACTA Future Remains Uncertain on Lead-Up to EU Committee Vote

We’ve been following the ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) very closely for years. We continue our coverage with some of the

Report: Canada One Critical Step Closer to Joining the TPP

There’s been a development in the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) negotiations and it involved Canada. We recently learned that Canada is

The Great UN ITU Boogeyman – The Fake Story of an Internet Takeover

We’ve seen this story pop up repeatedly over the last several weeks of some conspiracy by the UN to grad

Concerns About TPP Continue to Be Raised

We’ve been covering news about the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) for quite some time. While it has created wide-spread outrage in

Porn Company: Internet Providers Also Guilty of Copyright Infringement

In the US, if someone uses your internet connection and uses it for copyright infringing activity, are you also guilty

UK Government Pushing to Pass ‘Snoopers’ Charter’ Surveillance Legislation

Privacy has recently roared back into the headlines and this time, it’s not the US CISPA legislation. It’s actually a

Leaked TPP Chapter Throws NZ Government into Damage Control

Last night, we were amongst the first to report on the leak of an entire chapter of the secretive TPP

Breaking: Investment Chapter of TPP Leaks for All to Read

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, a secretive trade agreement between several countries, has had one of its chapters leak. One of the

Democrat Senator Finds TPP Secrecy ‘Insulting’

While Canadian municipalities are growing increasingly agitated over being kept in the dark about CETA, a similar story is being

Could Selling Your Computer One Day Be a Criminal Offense?

A court case in New York is currently raising eyebrows. Apparently, the case is headed to the supreme court because

Opposition Grows as More Politicians Demand Transparency in CETA

In many of these agreements that we’ve been following, transparency is a major concern. Now, CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade

MegaUpload Case: Users Can’t Have Data Back After Being Told They Can

It’s one of the many twists and turns in the MegaUpload case that has us scratching our heads. On the

Internet Defense League Seeks to Delay CISPA Until Election

The Internet Defense League may have found themselves trying to run down the clock on CISPA. CISPA is considered to

Copyright Lobby Demands Canada Implement SOPA, ACTA and More

Canadians have fought long and hard (since at least 2005) to keep major foreign corporations from imposing copyright policies that