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BSA Admits Calculated Losses Due to Swedish Software Piracy Entirely Hypothetical

It’s another blow to the studies that are put out by the industry to highlight the problems of piracy –

Pressuring Other Countries to Enforce Copyright to Be Part of US Foreign Policy

One of the major criticisms of the plaintiffs of The Pirate Bay trial is the heavy involvement of the United

Copyright Industry Lawyer Demands Additional Fines, Gag Order Against The Pirate Bay Admins

Is it bad publicity for plaintiff lawyers when the judge presiding of the case against The Pirate Bay admins is

New French ‘Loppsi 2’ Law Proposal to Allow Police to Upload Malware to File Sharers?

Currently, we only have a Google translation of the article, but if the translation came out right, is France really

Will the EU Litigate France Over French Three Strikes Law If Passed?

After France passed the three strikes law in their country, there were many questions over how this seemed to contradict

RIAA Objects to Jammie Thomas Having Legal Council During Re-trial

There’s been small movements in the Jammie Thomas case, but recently, the US’s first file-sharing case to make it to

Swedish Government Wants to Force ISPs to Retain Data for 6 Months

A newly leaked government report is suggesting that the Swedish government is planning on implementing a new law that would

Sony CEO – The Internet? Nothing Good Has Ever Come Out of There!

Many would argue that it’s up to the record industry to somehow reconcile with new technology, like the internet, instead

RIAA vs. Public Radio – Performance Rights Act Moves Ahead

If one were to frame this as a case of biting the hand that feeds it, there would be plenty

‘Study’ By Online Music Licensing Org – File-sharing Makes Pop Music More Popular

Does file-sharing help make pop music popular? That debate has been going on for years, but a study appears to

Swedish Bank to Freeze Accounts of The Pirate Bay Admins

One of the most talked about trials surrounding file-sharing today took a new twist. The bank in charge of the

Study – Legalizing Filesharing and Issuing Flat Rate is the Way to Go

There’s been no shortage of people who offer solutions to the big question on what to do with file-sharing. Some

Norway – Can the Copyright Industry Prosecute Copyright Infringers?

There’s an interesting case that is already developing in Norway. A film was leaked online and the copyright industry in

Canadian RCMP Arrests 5 for Bootlegging Latest Films

Recently, the copyright industry has been using international means to pressure Canada into copyright reform. Since the accusations by the

MPAA – Camming Movies is an Acceptable Practice (for Teachers)

The fair use community of the United States is abuzz over a video clip that shows how the MPAA feels

Is the IFPI Obstructing Free Trade to Pressure Canada into Copyright Reform?

How far are the copyright lobbyists willing to go to bully Canada into copyright reform? It appears as though the

Google Currently Offering Free Web App to Access BitTorrent Trackers

There have been many who compare Google to ThePirateBay. The technical front may be more of a grey area that

‘Level the Playing Field’ Bill Delayed – Sent to Committee

It’s being hailed by municipal broadband supporters as a major victory in the fight over whether or not Salisbury and

Major Opposition Mounts By Eve of Municiple Broadband Vote

It’s certainly a big debate in the United States – namely in two cities in the state of North Carolina

Chinese Government Mandated Search Engine Blacklist Leaked

In just about every place in the world, Google is the number one search engine. China is an exception to