Drew Wilson is perhaps one of the more well-known file-sharing and technology news writers around. A journalist in the field since 2005, his work has had semi-regular appearances on social news websites and even occasional appearances on major news outlets as well. Drew founded <a href="http://www.freezenet.ca">freezenet.ca</a> and still contributes to ZeroPaid.

MPAA Admits to Losing PR War to the ‘Enemies of Copyright’

The MPAA apparently said that the “enemies of copyright have really done a good job at creating the false premise

Canada Could Face Election – What About Copyright Reform?

It’s distinctly possible that Canada could face an election soon as opposition leader Michael Ignatieff ponders on whether or not

10th Anniversary of Napster This Month

Some may not know it, but June is an interesting month for file-sharer’s. This year, June marks a major milestone

Music Sale Losses Due to Gaming, DVDs, Not P2P

File-sharing, for years, has been one of the copyright industry’s favourite scape-goat. Lately, British news sources have received a fresh

French Military Called in to Shut Down SnowTigers.net

There was a major shutdown of a private BitTorrent website recently. The French military was apparently used to shut down

UK Spy – Gov’t Logging Your Web Activity Saves Lives

Stop us if you’ve heard this one already – we must forgo our privacy and allow the government to log

Further Doubt Cast on UK Copyright Industry P2P Statistics

Late last night, we touched on statistics that were posted about file-sharing as the copyright industry sees it. While the

French Cybercrime Expert Discusses Loppsi 2 Legislation

It’s been one of the more heated debates surrounding technology in France today. The Loppsi 2 law proposal which would

Report – Russian Police Chief Wants Internet Anonymity Abolished

On the heals of the first ever Russian raid against a BitTorrent site, the Russian interior minister is now demanding

The Pirate Bay Urges EU Users to Get Out and Vote

In some parts of the world, like Canada, it’s very difficult to motivate a younger audience (like, around 30 years

EFF, ACLU Vows to Appeal Dismissal of Warrantless Wiretapping Case

It’s been a very long battle between civil rights groups and the NSA, but after all this long and drawn

UK Copyright Industry Wants to Use Pop-Ups to Stop File-Sharing

Using the strikingly flawed logic that everyone connecting to a file-sharing network is automatically a copyright infringer, the UK copyright

Conference Board of Canada Ex-Employee Counters CEO Claims Over IP Reports

We’ve been following the Conference Board of Canada’s IP report fiasco for a while and new developments have surfaced recently.

Landmark Study Concludes That DRM Adversely Affects What We Can Legally Do

It can be called the study that pointed out what many have known all along. DRM has been adversely affecting

1.3B Canadian Downloads, 1.3M UK Downloaders – Coincidence?

After getting busted for pirating a deceptive statistic and trying to use the mask of an independent organization to push

Famous Swedish Writer – Why I’m Voting Pirate Party

Freedom of expression, digital rights and privacy in a digital era. How many people knew topics like that would be

Report Ignored Independant Research – Digital Economy Report Fiasco Widens

The now infamous Digital Economy report by the Conference Board of Canada is currently starting to make it’s way through

Conference Board of Canada Pirates Report to Call for Tough Action Against Piracy?

Michael Geist may have uncovered one of the most revealing pieces about the copyright lobby in Canada. Said Geist about

French Minister – Three Strikes Law Would See 1000 Disconnections Daily

The French Culture minister said that the French Three Strikes Law could disconnect 1,000 users per day once it takes

Latest Poll – Pirate Party Could Win a Seat in EU Election

Early voting has already taken place in Europe and a new poll is out. The Pirate Party now has 7.9%