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Friendsheet: Turn Facebook into a Pinterest-Like Message Board

Friendsheet: Turn Facebook into a Pinterest-Like Message Board

Site turns your Facebook feeds into a bulletin board for easy viewing, much like that of the popular

Let’s face it, sometimes scrolling through your seemingly endless Facebook feeds can be downright boring, if not painful at times, especially for those that haven’t taken the time to filter out the noise of pages they’ve “liked,” Facebook friends that are better defined as acquaintances, and family members with trivial status updates that read more like a minute-by-minute diary of their daily lives. is a site that minimzes that pain by turning your Facebook news feed into a viewer-freindly message board similar to the popular It turn it into a visual snapshot of what you’re friends and family members are up to, making it easier to sort throguht the boring and banal to find the fun and interesting.


Word of the site spread ever since Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg himself posted that he “liked” Friendsheet a few days ago.

You can peform all of the same reply functions found on Facebook like comment, share, and like; post pictures, but not videos; and it only shows status updates that include pictures and story links with images.

Likewise, you can only post status updates that include images.

If you select an individual status update it will open into a fullscreen lightbox mode for easier viewing.

Want to filter Friendsheet even further? If you go to “settings” and check the box for “Hide Fan Pages” Friendsheet will hide the pictures from pages you’ve “liked.” Now you’ll be spared those annoying pictures from Doritos’ status updates.

Stay tuned.

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Jared Moya
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