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The Pirate Bay Maps Tracker Connections, China Has Most

The Pirate Bay Maps Tracker Connections, China Has Most

Sweden-based BitTorrent tracker site rolls out new Google-powered map that shows user base percentages by country.

Leave it to The Pirate Bay to dazzle BitTorrent users with stats illustrating the world’s pirate community.

Fresh from an upgrade of the site’s tracker servers to handle the increasing deluge of new visitors, the excess CPU power has allowed it to “collect some fun stats.”

“We just upgraded the trackers from 12 old boxes to 8 new ones that handle the same load, but now only at 20% CPU usage, so we can grow a bit more,” Pirate Bay co-founder TiAMO told TorrentFreak. “Having some spare power in the servers has allowed us to collect some fun stats,” he added.

The fun stats collected so far has been molded into The Pirate Bay Tracker Geo Statistics map. Powered by Google Maps, the geo-IP data reveals some interesting statistics.

  • China – 34% of all connections, 7.6 million peers, despite being blocked by The Great Firewall of China.
  • Taiwan – 9.2%, 2 million peers.
  • Malaysia – 8.6%, 1.9 million peers.
  • Japan – 6.5%, 1.5 million peers.
  • USA – 5.8%, 1.3 million peers.
  • Spain – 5.2%, 1.1 million peers.
  • Poland – 4%, 898,000 peers.
  • Canada – 3%, 675,000 peers.
  • UK – 3%, 691,000 peers.
  • France – 1.2%, 260,000 peers.
  • Australia – 0.9%, 197,000 peers.
  • India – 0.4%, 91,000 peers.

According to TiAMO, this geo-IP map is just the beginning. It plans to soon offer other statistics like type of BitTorrent clients being used and average regional download and upload speeds. To reassure users of the site, it promises to guarantee their anonymity in any and all data it releases.

TPB Tracker Geo Statistics

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