6 Top iPhone Apps for Shopping

6 Top iPhone Apps for Shopping

A rundown of the top iPhone shopping apps to help you save time and money.

Gone are the days when we had to leave our homes and walk or drive to the nearest store to buy anything. As more and more people turn to the Internet for sales and discounts, social shopping and smartphones are a match made in heaven. We’ve given you a list of Chrome shopping extensions for online shopping at home, however below is a list of iPhone apps that can also stop your money burning a hole in your pocket, but get you the best deal at the same time. Some of the apps even offer extra features not available on their respective websites – an extra bargain.

eBay – FREE

The concept of eBay needs no explanation (if it does, where have you been?). The eBay app carries many of the same functionalities as the full website. Not only can you browse, bid on and pay for items, but you can also list goods for sale. Savvy shoppers can scan item barcodes to find out if anyone has listed the item at a discount on eBay. Once you add an item to your watch list or place a bid, the app sends you push notifications when someone outbids you or a watched item is about to end, so you can get in on the action before it’s too late.

Amazon – FREE

The Amazon mobile app gives you access to the full Amazon and marketplace catalogue from your iPhone. As well as comparing prices of new and second-hand items, you can add items to your wish lists, purchase using Amazon’s one-click system and make secure purchases. When searching for items, you can either type its name or scan the barcode to display relevant results.

Red Laser – FREE

You’re stuck in a store and need to decide whether to buy a certain item. The clerk’s sales patter was convincing, but you’re still not sure if you’re getting the best deal. Red Laser is a price comparison app that works by scanning the barcode of the item you’re considering and displaying results from online and local retailers, enabling you to compare prices and make sure you couldn’t get the same item for cheaper down the road.

Key Ring – FREE

If you use a lot of loyalty cards, Key Ring is a helpful way of keeping them all in one place. Using the app, you can scan loyalty cards into your phone, and sign up to new schemes. In addition, you can add digital coupons to your loyalty cards for use in store, and search for other discounts available through the app. The app allows you to share loyalty cards with members, and it stores your information in a cloud back-up, so even if you lose your cards, you can still continue collecting points and discounts.

Google Shopper – FREE

Google Shopper is one of the most advanced mobile retail search systems. As well as finding items using traditional techniques like scanning barcodes or running a text search, Google Shopper can also find goods by their cover art, and using a voice search. The map function helps you find local offers, and you can also subscribe to Google Offers, which provide you with daily deals in your local area.

Sale Saver – FREE

Sale Saver is a useful app for those moments when you find an item that has $30 off, plus a discount of 20%, and you wonder how much it actually is. Simply tap the figures into Sale Saver, and the app will do the calculations for you. It will even work out how much sales tax is due on each item. The app works with any world currency and can also give you up-to-date details on currency exchange rates, so if you’re shopping abroad, you can work out the equivalent of what you’re spending in your home currency.

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