Piracy Who? MPAA Enjoys Record Overseas Profits – AGAIN!

Despite repeated dire predictions for the health of the movie industry and the welfare of the people it employs, is estimated to surpass last year’s all-time box office record of nine and a half billion dollars.

The MPAA would have you believe that these are tough times for the movie biz as it faces the scourges of physical and digital piracy amidst a global economic downturn.

"If you look at the situation, the current economic crisis makes this problem much more serious than before," MPAA head Dan Glickman recently told a forum. "If we don’t protect IPR (intellectual property rights), our economic losses will be far worse."

Apparently Glickman either hadn’t looked at the overseas box office tallies so far or is keeping them to himself for a recent report indicates that the MPAA is about to enjoy record overseas profits, surpassing even last years all-time record of $9.4 billion!

So why exactly all the fuss? Money. The MPAA, just like the RIAA, suffers from the delusion that each instance of piracy equates to a lost ticket sale, which it does not. How many of you file-sharers would have paid to see "Twilight" or Disney’s "Bolt?" Good movies, like "The Dark Knight" for example, will always lure people away from P2P networks and services and convert them into honest moviegoers because they want to see it on the big screen and not on a 19" laptop screen.

Record profits last year, on top of those enjoyed in 2007, prove once and for all that the MPAA’s fears of piracy and its clamoring that it’s destroying the movie biz is now proven to be the falsehood many of us already knew it to be.

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