MPAA: ‘Economic Crisis Makes Piracy More Serious’

Afraid economic downturn will mean more people will be looking to save money.

With practically every sector of the US economy reeling from the current economic downturn it’s maddening to learn that Hollywood is trying to to take advantage of the situation by warning “If we don’t protect IPR (intellectual property rights), our economic losses will be far worse” than everyone else.

Oh really?

The MPAA has been double-speaking for years, enjoying record box office ticket sales year after year, but simultaneously lobbying that more be done to stem their rising losses due to piracy and illegal file-sharing.

I’ve always noted the misguided logic that an illegal download equates to a lost ticket or DVD sale. Nonetheless, MPAA head Dan Glickman is warning that “This is a high priority issue. “

“If you look at the situation, the current economic crisis makes this problem much more serious than before,” he told a forum. “If we don’t protect IPR (intellectual property rights), our economic losses will be far worse.”

Of all the sectors of the economy worth the govts attention I think the motion picture industry ranks dead last. Instead of worrying about trying to somehow mold the world to suit its own ends it ought to instead focus on its customers and how and at what price they can deliver their product.

It’s precisely the same conundrum that the RIAA has faced for more than 9 years so why has the MPAA not learned from its mistakes?

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