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uTorrent Control: Official Browser Plugin for Remote Download Control

uTorrent Control: Official Browser Plugin for Remote Download Control

UTorrent Control is a browser plugin for Explorer 8 and above, Firefox 3 and above, and Chrome that gives users access to their BitTorrent client downloads on the go.

BitTorrent users are always looking for new and convenient ways to access and control their downloads on the go. A few days ago I mentioned uTorrent Tiny Client, a simple-to-use Chrome extension that does the trick. Today there’s another browser plugin worth taking a looking at, and comes straight from the brilliant minds over at BitTorrent Inc.: uTorrrent Control.

UTorrent Control is a small and efficient add-on for your browser that gives you access to your downloads on the go, and unlike uTorrent Tiny Client it also works on Internet Explorer 8 and above, and Firefox 3 and above.

UTorrent Control features:

  • Add torrent
  • Remove torrent
  • Pause torrent
  • Check torrent download status
  • Monitor torrent download speed
  • Toggle full torrent list
  • Sync with desktop µTorrent Client
  • Sync remotely
  • Launch web remote (

The plugin includes an optional search engine feature for searching the Web directly in your browser, but it’s powered by Bing and will likely just add unnecessary clutter to your workspace.

UTorrent Control only works with uTorrent client version 3.0 and higher so you’ll need to upgrade if you haven’t already.

Stay tuned.

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