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Facebook Classic: Chrome Extension for Getting the Old Facebook Back

Facebook Classic: Chrome Extension for Getting the Old Facebook Back

A simple extension for turning back the clock on many of the more obtrusive Facebook updates like the Ticker and “Top Stories” Newsfeed.

Late last Summer Facebook rolled out a massive new layout redesign, and ever since then a number of people have been clamoring to restore it to the Facebook of old. A Chrome extension called Facebook Classic does just that.

Facebook Classic restores the Newsfeed to chronological order rather than Top or Highlighted Stories, and also removes the annoying News Ticker Panel that many have derided as a “Facebook within a Facebook.”

“You can toggle the Ticker on or off with a new link near ‘Create an Event’ on the right side of the Newsfeed,” notes the developer.


I’ve mentioned 3 other options in the past for cleaning up the new Facebook, Unannoying Facebook, Adblock, and Better Facebook, but Facebook Classic is nice barebones option for those looking for minor tweaks to the new layout.

If  you’re addicted to Chrome as much as we are, take a look at Fast eBay Search, an eBay Extension for the Chrome browser.

Stay tuned.

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>Download Facebook Classic (Chrome Web Store)

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