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Facebook Messenger for Windows: Chat, Live News Feed on Your Desktop

Facebook Messenger for Windows: Chat, Live News Feed on Your Desktop

Facebook Messenger for Windows app lets you interact with your Facebook friends from your desktop.

Let’s face it: Facebook has become part of our lives. It used to be that the morning newspaper was the first thing you opened in the morning with your cup of coffee or tea in hand. Now it’s Facebook. We check in to see how our friends and family are doing. Our daily news is amalgamation of whatever stories, pictures, and other tidbits our Facebook friends have posted. Thus, it’s important we stay up to date, and the Facebook Messenger for Windows app will help you do just that.

Facebook Messenger takes nearly all of the features and functions you normally use on the Facebook site, and puts them on your desktop in a handy sidebar for convenient access and viewing. Now you can monitor your news feed while performing other tasks or chat with a friend.

The chat bar looks similar to the one you see on the site, and you can either permanently dock it on your desktop, or keep minimized in your icon tray for quick access.

The only things it doesn’t allow you to do are accept friend requests, update your status, or reply to messages. For those tasks you’ll need to visit

Facebook Messenger has long been available for Android, Blackberry, and iPhone, and Facebook finally decided to push it to Windows as well.

Stay tuned.

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