LimeWire Goes Social, to Allow Private P2P Networks

LimeWire Goes Social, to Allow Private P2P Networks

New version of the once popular P2P program will allow users to selectively share files with family and friends.

Kevin Bradshaw, LimeWire’s Chief Operating Officer, announced today, that a new version of LimeWire will be available sometime later this year.

LimeWire 5.0 seeks to redefine file-sharing as a social activity on
the P2P network. With the new version, users can choose to set up personal networks with family and friends and selectively share movies, music, and other content of their choosing.

“When Lime Wire was launched in 2000, we were pioneers in the P2P file-sharing world, and we have seen that world change as our users have grown with us,” Bradshaw said. “The P2P world has always had an inherently social aspect to it, and with our next version, we are bringing social sharing to the forefront. We see Lime Wire 5.0 not only enhancing our current users’ capabilities, but the new program has the potential to create a new generation of Lime Wire users who are interested in connecting, sharing, socializing and discovering.”

LimeWire 5.0 will allow users to:

  • Set up secure personal sharing networks based on existing contacts; users can choose to limit distribution to personal network only
  • Integrate buddy lists from Jabber-compatible services
  • Provide better virus protection
  • Interface with The LimeWire Store
  • Easier navigation with a new visual design of both website and application allowing users more security and better ability to manage shared files, download, search and connect with friends

LimeWire claims that about 25% of the world’s PCs have LimeWire installed on their computer which could make for an interesting display of social file-sharing if the new private network feature becomes popular.

With the RIAA in particular cracking down on illegal file-sharing on college campuses around the country, it could prove interesting to see what would happen if students created private, secure networks of friends to share music files with instead.

Stay tuned.

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