VPN Setup Guide: VyprVPN

1. Download and Install VyprVPN

2. Open VyprVPN for Giganews

3. Enter Your Username and Password

4. Choose a Server to Connect To

Current options include:

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Washington, DC
  • Amsterdam
  • Hong Kong
  • London
  • Paris (new)
  • Frankfurt (new)

5. Choose a Type of VPN Protocol

There are three different protocols, and there’s a table that lists the differences between them here. OpenVPN is the one I recommend using since it has the highest level of security and privacy for your data. There’s two types of OpenVPN protocols: 160-bit (faster) and 256-bit (more secure, but requires more CPU).

OpenVPN costs an additional $5 p/mo so if that’s out of your price range then L2TP is just fine. It too offers 256-bit encryption, but unlike OpenVPN it supports mobile devices and tablets.

6. Select “Save and Connect”

7. Verify Your VPN Connection

If you right-click the VyprVPn icon in the Windows icon tray you’ll see that status of your connection, your new IP address, server location, and VPN protocol.

You can double-check your IP address by simply typing “what is my IP” into Google search.

Giganews is currently offering a free 14-day trial and a reduced subscription price of $24.99 p/mo for the first 3 months (it’s $34.99 afterwards). With it you get Usenet service with 1269┬ádays retention, and unlimited monthly data transfer, 30GB of free online data storage and the Mimo Usenet Browser.