How to Download Music From Soundcloud

How to Download Music From Soundcloud

Quick guide to downloading and ripping your favorite songs from SoundCloud, the online music distribution site.

Years ago I showed you how to rip music from MySpace, and it seems only proper that I finally follow up that guide with something much more contemporary (does anyone actually use MySpace anymore?). SoundCloud is one of the latest and greatest online music distribution sites around, and so I’ve decided to show you a quick and easy way to download songs from there as well.

There’s two ways to do it: The JDownloader program or The latter is about as simple as it gets, but the former is automated and will always be around.

Keep in mind however, that you can only download 128kbps quality copies of the music tracks unless the uploader authorizes users to download copies of the original. SoundCloud rencodes uploaded tracks to 128kbs for streaming purposes, and so that’s the best version you can download without permission.

So now find the page of your favorite SoundCloud track and let’s get started. I’ve chosen Diplo’s recent “Major Lazer New Year’s Eve Mix” since he’s already given users permission to download a copy for themselves.


This is, as I mentioned, the easiest method of the two, but is also likely to be shutdown at some point being that it’s directly facilitating online infringement by allowing users to make copies of copyrighted material.

All you have to do is paste the address of the music track’s page you want to downlaod and press “Download.”

On the next page right-click on the yellow bar and select “Save link as…”

2. JDownloader

JDownloader is a freeware program that automates the process of downloading music tracks from SoundCloud, and is a method, unlike SoundCloud-Download, that is virtually impervious to copyright enforcement efforts. It will always be around. It’s available for all platforms – Windows, Mac, and Linux – and is quick and easy to use.

To get started download and install JDownloader.

The tracks should parse automatically in JDownloader’s Linkgrabber que, but if they don’t you’ll need to manually add the link of the track you want to download.

Select “Linkgrabber” and then “Add URL(s).”

Paste the link of the music track in the dialogue box and select “Parse URL(s).”

Once it’s added double-click “Continue with all” (or selected tracks), and JDownloader will automatically push the music to the Download que and download a copy to your PC.