Top 5 Shopping Extensions for Chrome

2. Ookong

Ookong is a shopping extension for Chrome that offers one-click price history on the millions of products sold on the web’s leading online retailer

Click the Ookong icon to search for any product on Amazon and view the item’s price history over time to see if and when you’re getting the best deal. Add your item to the “Follow List” to get notified when the item’s price drops to a predetermined level.


3. PriceBlink

PriceBlink is one of the more subtle shopping extensions for Chrome. It works quietly in the background and only appears when you visit a supported a website, displaying money saving deals and coupons when appropriate.

It also automatically compares prices when you search for products online and tells you where or if a cheaper price can be found elsewhere. You can view a graph of the item’s price over time and add it to your “Wish List” to get notified when it drops to a selected target.