Share: BitTorrent App Simplifies Personal File-Sharing

Share: BitTorrent App Simplifies Personal File-Sharing

Standalone personal media sharing app makes it easy to share movies, pictures, music and other content with family and friends.

Never one to rest on its laurels, BitTorrent Inc. is once again trying to reshape P2P file-sharing with the release of Share, a unlimited personal media sharing app.

Powered by the BitTorrent protocol, Share allows you to create private file-sharing networks with family and friends.

“Share is the culmination of over a year’s research into personal media sharing. We have always known that BitTorrent is one of the fastest ways to send or receive a large file. With today’s consumer cameras/video recorders producing stunning quality, traditional media sharing requires concessions,” said BitTorrent Inc.’s Shahi Ghanem, the company’s chief strategist. “With Share, you don’t have to crop photos, reduce resolutions or cut video length to easily share something with your friends, family and colleagues. It’s much faster than traditional ‘cloud’ solutions and easy for anyone.”

Drag and drop what you want to share and choose who you want to share it with.

There’s a convenient Facebook plugin too that you can use to share with your Facebook friends.

If you’re going to share files with certain people on a regular basis you can create a group and invite others to join.

Some of the feature include:

  • No Limits: With no limits on number of sends, file size/quality, or number of recipients, users may send HD videos, high-res photo collections, and other oversized files — with no fees.
  • Ultra Fast Downloads: Share is built on top of an innovative file-sharing technology that is already used by over 100 million people every month. Friends may now download the biggest files without the endless wait.
  • Private: Choose exactly who may access shared files. Set up groups to share with friends, family and co-workers, or just send a file to one person.
  • Social and Fun: Friends may comment on the files in real-time. Share is interactive, conversational and social.

Graham adds that Share was born from BitTorrent Inc.’s belief that “…personal media sharing would be an ideal extension to our existing µTorrent and BitTorrent software.”

And as for being an “ideal extension,” the company adds that Share will eventually be integrated into all existing BitTorrent and µTorrent software clients when the software finishes its alpha testing phase.

Stay tuned.

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