How to Reset a Forgotten Mac Password

How to Reset a Forgotten Mac Password

Quick guide to regaining access to a Mac for which you’ve lost or forgotten the password to.

Nothing is more frustrating than forgetting or losing the password to your computer. As the number of usernames and passwords we have to remember these days proliferates the task of remembering and keeping track of them all is becoming more and more difficult.

No password is as important as that of your home computer, and losing access because you’ve forgotten or lost it can be a nightmarish scenario.

With this in mind we’ll go through the steps of recovering a forgotten Mac password. With the help of the Mac OS X Install disc you’ll be able to regain access in no time.

Don’t have the the Install disc? No problem. In a later guide I’ll show you how to hack into a Mac without it. Have you forgotten a password for Windows? We already have a guide here to help you out.


Using Mac OS X Install Disc

1. Insert disc and hold the “C” key to boot from disc.

2. Choose “Reset Password” from the Utilities menu.

3. Select your Mac OS X hard disk drive and the username of the original administrator account.

4. Enter a new password and password hint.

5. Click “Save.” 6. Quit the application by clicking the red button in the upper left corner.

7. Choose Quit Mac OS X Installer.

8. Restart.

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