How to Install Ubuntu in Windows 7

How to Install Ubuntu in Windows 7

Learn how to install the Linux-based OS to run alongside your preexisting Windows 7 OS; simple and safe method will allow you to install and uninstall Ubuntu in the same way you would any other Windows application.

When it comes to OS’ people often forget that there’s a third option besides Macs and PCs, and one that offers a level of control that neither of the two could ever hope to offer. Ubuntu is a complete desktop Linux-based operating system that is free, stable, and gives users complete control over how their computer looks, feels, and functions.

Ubuntu offers all of the features you’d expect with standard OS’, but without the hassle, price, and risk of malware infection many have come to expect as the price for going online. Since such a small percentage of computer users use Ubuntu (<5%) there’s a drastically reduced incentive to target these individuals (much like Macs). When it comes to viruses you can pretty much forget about getting one ever again. It’s not impossible, just very, very, very, rare.

When it comes to software everything is free. It already comes stocked with programs like Firefox and LibreOffice. You can download and install additional software in the form of apps like the kind you’re used to with smartphones. If you want to run Windows programs on Ubuntu just install an app called “Wine.

Ubuntu works with your existing PC files, printers, cameras, and portable media players (including iPods) so don’t be concerned about hardware compatibility.

Having said all that let’s go over how to install Ubuntu in Windows 7. All you’ll need is a blank CD or USB stick (>1GB) and a little patience. The method we’re going to use is to install Ubuntu alongside in a way that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu as you would and other ordinary Windows application.


1. Backup Your Data and Create a Recovery Image (Just in Case)

There are a ton of freeware options available, and among the best is Genie9 (personal edition).


2. Download and Install Ubuntu installer for Windows


3. Download Ubuntu Image and Burn to Disc or USB Stick


4. Run Windows Ubuntu Installer (WUBI)


5. Select “Install Inside Windows”


Now you can choose to install Ubuntu as the sole OS or to run on a dedicated partition, but to make it easier we’ll choose the option to “Install inside Windows.” If you want to take Ubuntu for a test drive before you commit to installing it you can always choose the “Demo and full installation” option.

That it’s you’re done! Just reboot your PC to finalize the installation. When you do reboot you’ll be asked to choose which OS to boot: Windows 7 or Ubuntu. After selecting Ubuntu you’ll be prompted to choose a username and password.

*If you change you’re mind and want to uninstall Ubuntu it’s easy. Go to Start > Control Panel > Uninstall Program and scroll down to “Ubuntu.”*

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